Massachusetts Gay Marriage: Viewpoints From the Front Line



Queerty reader rockstar Andrew brought us his first-hand account of yesterday’s demonstrations – both for and against – the decision to bring the gay marriage matter in front of the legislature’s vote. While the issue is temporarily on hold thanks to a decision to recess until November, we’re not through quite yet. Having followed the progress of gay marriage in Massachusetts closely, Andrew and his boyfriend Seth were perfect subjects to quiz on their thoughts on the ups and downs of establishing equal rights. Opines Seth:

So, this was the ninth time the Legislature has met with a gay marriage ban on the agenda since it was legalized back in 2003. Even though they decided to recess until November 9, it’s pretty sure that they will actually debate and vote on it then.

As the protest outside died down, I went inside to wait with others to hear the outcome. I was given the privilege to enter the gallery and watch it all happen. I remember thinking how amazing it was that I was literally watching legislators from the state I live in running around in a panic lobbying other legislators to protect my rights. It made me so proud to be a Massachusetts resident, and I really wished that I could have cast a vote that helped elect these legislators. I look at a map of Massachusetts and think, “Hmm..I should move here or there because so-in-so fights really hard for gay rights and I want to feel protected like that. But also, I look at a map of the United States, and when I see Massachusetts, I think ‘Fuck. Yeah.’ I love that I live here.

Meanwhile, Andrew makes this important note:

Some people are worried about the vote happening after elections because legislators who did not get reelected will most likely just vote with their heart and not with the intentions of their constitutes. And we have a select few of legislators who did not need any convincing.

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