Matt Bomer Reveals A Big Secret — He’s Been Married For Years

matt-bomer-cover-star-may-2014-lead-HSSPerhaps playing a con man on White Collar has taught Matt Bomer how to keep things on the DL. Or perhaps it comes from sharing a home with longtime partner, super publicist Simon Halls. Whatever the reason the 36-year-old actor knows how to deliver a bombshell. Bomer first publicly acknowledged that he is a gay man when he thanked Halls and their three sons during an award acceptance speech in 2012, but now in a cover story for Details, the star of HBO’s upcoming The Normal Heart reveals that he and Halls have been married for three years.

Bomer also discusses his long relationship with Larry Kramer’s searing play, revealing that he first read the AIDS-themed drama in high school.

“At the time, I was clueless and obviously in a different place in relation to my sexuality,” Bomer said. “I was in romantic relationships with girls—whatever that means at 14. But I read it. And it completely rocked my world.”

rs_634x862-140422113412-634-DETAILS_May2014_MattBomer_Cover-42214Bomer also offers that LGBT people are indebted to a trailblazer such as Kramer. “I wouldn’t have a lot of the rights I have today if it wasn’t for people like Larry,” he said.

Costar Alfred Molina predicts that after their film premieres on May 25 even bigger things await Bomer.

“What Matt’s done will redefine him,” Molina told Details. “All Matt’s professional life, he’s clearly been a very good actor, but I think this performance puts him there among the greats.”

This bodes well for one of Bomer’s upcoming projects, a film bio of the great, but tragic gay actor Montgomery Clift.

Watch Bomer discuss Normal Heart, the Magic Mike sequel and his work out regimen below.

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  • Cam

    It’s a shame that he felt he had to hide that, bigotry sucks and good for him for being out.

    I actually think he is a good choice for Montgomery Cliff, Will be interesting to see.

  • hotboyvb81

    it was HARDLY a bombshell- most of us knew…an editor at the old AfterElton- now the Backlot, told me that whenever they interviewed him- pre coming out…Halls would threaten to stop the interview and not allow them to speak to ANY of his clients if they asked Matt if he was gay- even after thanking Halls at that event, it seemed like the perfect time to ask- but he was still on lock down for a couple weeks.

  • hotboyvb81

    I asked the editor/writer why he didn’t ask the question at that time, he replied to me the above.

  • Billy Budd

    Montgomery Clift was gorgeous and talented, but had inner demons and lived deep inside the closet. Later in life he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. The movies he made in the beginning of his career were great (some were REALLY great), but he lost his grip later on. He became stiff, unresponsive, mechanical, weird on the screen.

    He was friends with Elizabeth Taylor. She always spoke well of him and said his life wasn’t easy.

    This can be a terrific movie.

    P.S. If you wanna see Montie in his prime, I mean really attractive, try to find the B&W photos that the young and yet-to-be director Stanley Kubrick took of him.

  • hotboyvb81

    he became an addict after nearly dying in a car crash- leaving drunk from Taylor’s one night- he crashed his car- Taylor saved his life applying pressure to his wounds as they waited for the ambulance- she rushed down from her house…the accident wrecked his looks and his ability to cope without drugs etc.


    Now he’s grtting some age on him and his overly glossy pretty boy face has begun to weather a little I’m finally appreciating the sexy.

  • stranded

    That doesn’t even look like him in the Details cover.

  • sejjo

    You know, in my superior opinion, you can’t take a head and shoulders picture of Matt Bomer without accentuating his gorgeous blue eyes. It should be a capital crime to do so.

  • coltonblack

    I give him credit for being a stand up dude. For real

  • Billy Budd

    @coltonblack: Yes, he is both brave and lovely. Adorable guy.

  • Tackle

    A stand up dude. Brave and lovely? Lovely, definitely. The other definitions, not sure? Only because it took him yrs and yrs to finally admit he was gay, and in a relationship. And that was only after a picture surfaced online showing him liplocking with his ex bf. And he’s been married for three yrs, and admits it three yts later.
    I would say he’s very cautious. And that’s ok. He has to do what he feels is right for him and his family. Now about him playing Monty Cliff. Ben Kingsly did an excellent job as Gandhi. Likewise. Jami Foxx as Ray. And recently Michelle Williams as Marilyn. Yes Matt looks the part. But I just don’t think he has the acting chops to pull it off.

  • Cam


    True, I wouldn’t say Brave.

  • Billy Budd

    Any hunky actor who wants to play lead roles in Hollywood would rather DIE than admit that he is gay. Look at what happened to Tom Cruise, for example. In MY opinion, any hunky actor who comes out of the closet should be praised for his bravery.

  • Jeremy Kinser


    Many people knew that Bomer was involved with Halls prior to his acceptance speech in Palm Springs in 2012, but very, very few people knew the two men were already married. If you Google “Matt Bomer married” you’ll see that most major entertainment outlets are covering the story as a surprise announcement. I’ve interviewed Bomer and chatted with him again at an event and he was a very nice guy. I never got the sense he was trying to hide anything.

  • DuMaurier

    @Tackle: I’m also kind of puzzled as to why he’d come out as gay but hold off on “married” (by not acknowledging “my husband” during that acceptance speech)–I mean, the Rubicon’s already been crossed, right?

    I do think he’s a lovely person inside and out, and a thoughtful, intelligent man. As for his “acting chops” I agree with you. He’s a pleasant, engaging presence, but not particularly charismatic or commanding. This seems to be true of a lot of actors who were born gorgeous, maybe because they get attention automatically just for their looks and don’t have to feel that the only way they’ll be noticed is through their acting (like a Charles Durning or Philip Seymour Hoffman must have realized) Clift was beautiful and a fine actor, but he started very young on the stage, where editing, retakes and camera angles can’t disguise or eliminate performance deficiencies.

    With the CW network using the Abercrombie catalog as its casting directory it’s understandable that a physically blessed actor might conclude that the only training and effort required is keeping his abs hard and his facial skin clear.

  • vive

    @DIVKID, yes, he looks more sexy now he’s not so primped.

  • hotboyvb81

    also- he was in the running for Superman- that’s the main reason he wasn’t public…once Henry was signed- he came out.

  • misterhollywood


    I would say brave and yes, cautious. It is easy for us to sit and say he should have done this or should have done that. The truth is, there is still risk with coming out of the closet in the entertainment field. But you make some good points. I am just glad he is out now and seems to be a very good role model for younger GLBT youth.

  • hotboyvb81

    marriage is pretty public- suprised the press couldn’t have just said he was gay after that- especially since they all are saying they knew and lied/covered up for the guy.

  • hotboyvb81

    I don’t think it’s brave to come out in America 2012-14…Saudi Arabia- yes,High school kids- yes…grown men who’ve known they were gay for 10 plus years, living in California- nope.

  • hotboyvb81

    @Jeremy Kinser: he may not have been hiding it- but there was an arrangement with the press to cover it up. NO ONE asked, but they’ll ask str8 celebs any/everything- the more damaging/embarrassing the better

  • Niall

    There’s something that’s just too pristine about him. He’s handsome, but has no sex appeal.

  • Cam


    True, a bit Manquinish.

  • hotboyvb81


  • IcarusD

    Hmmm. I was under the impression that he talked about being married at the same time he came out. Perhaps he just talked about being in a relationship and I jumped to conclusions? In any event, it’s nice that a romantic leading man-type can now feel comfortable coming out while his career is in its ascendancy.

  • Tackle

    @misterhollywood: And you make some good points also. True it is easy to sit and say what someone else should have done. But I don’t think I’m doing that. And that’s why I said he needs to make the right decision for him and his family. And so true about there being risk involved with coming out in the entertainment industry. Especially someone with handsome leading man looks like Matt. And after thinking about the word brave, I’m less inclined to use that for Matt. He’s been with Simon Hall, a wealthy high powered Hollywood publicist for nearly a decade, and married the past three. What would he have lost? He still would have had the beautiful home,the cars the privilege life, and with Halls connections, some type of a career in entertainment, I think what Michael Sam is brave. And @hotboyvb81: is correct. Yes coming out im Saudi Arabia is brave. Along with High Shool, many African countries and some parts of Russia.

  • Captain Obvious

    Did he not get the memo that he was outed many years ago? Like at the time it was slightly more “shocking” than Ricky Martin and just barely less obvious than Clay Aiken. I guess he needs to kill the lady boners his rabid female fans have for him.

  • coltonblack

    I guess I’m just confused why some people seem to want to rip our own gay brothers down? We should hold up Matt Bomer and celebrate him as a gay person and human being. Discrimination is still alive and well in this country, ya know? And not everyone lives in Cali. While he was always strongly suspected (and likely known) to be gay, the dude didn’t have to out himself. He could have done what a lot of them do and just dodge the question. How many do we know who do that now? But then again, if he remained locked away, folks would shit on him for not being honest.

    Sorry for rant. I just think the guy deserves some credit. His courage, to me, is far more attractive than his looks.

    Luv Ya


  • Aero

    Even I who don’t regularly follow the gossip sites new about Bomer’s personal life. If career issues were the reason, I don’t believe he had done a lot of major Hollywood projects prior to the series. That he didn’t want to share his life with the whole community earlier, he’s guarded or private. Maybe for his kids.

    Can he portray Montgomery Cliff, not sure yet. But hope he does. What I don’t get, is that Details cover? It’s not very complimentary to his looks. I’m surprised his partner and/or the editors allowed it.

  • hotboyvb81

    no credit- he lied, hid and endorsed shame and self loathing- for years…..I’m glad he’s out, I just don’t think closeted guys deserve a pride parade for FINALLY agreeing to come out- especially after all other options dired up

  • DK

    @Billy Budd: You are almost always wrong. Monty Clift was an addict and an alcoholic, but he was openly bisexual and not even a little bit closeted.

    — Signed, a friend of the Clift family

  • saudade

    A good gay role model in my eyes. An authentic man who isn’t caught up in the promiscuity/hookup app lifestyle that the seemingly majority of gays are taking a part in. He doesn’t need to present his sex appeal and he doesn’t need to present himself as a physical object to make himself visible. Married and has kids?! That’s attractive and appealing all in itself. Not the sleaziness of looking sexed up. A true man right there! Congrats Bomer!!! Lead the way my man!

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