Matt Gaetz doesn’t think he’s getting due thanks for helping Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Matt Gaetz
Britney Spears and Matt Gaetz (Photos: Shutterstock/YouTube)

Yesterday, a Los Angeles judge suspended Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, from his role in the singer’s ongoing conservatorship.

It’s the latest step in Britney’s attempts to end the legal arrangement that has controlled her life for the past 13 years.

Another hearing has been scheduled for November 12 which could see the conservatorship terminated completely.

Who should take credit for helping to extricate Britney for her guardianship? Well, Florida rep. Matt Gaetz would like to remind everyone that he’s been 100% behind Britney all the way.

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Yesterday, the Twitter account of a right-wing, Florida-based political rally, AmpFest, tweeted: “Great news! Jamie Spears suspended from @britneyspears’s conservatorship. #FreeBritney movement scored a strategic win today. When will the media and pop-culture gatekeepers thank @mattgaetz for drawing attention to this injustice?”

Gaetz himself was quick the re-tweet that message to the 1.1million people who follow his personal Twitter account.


Back in March, Gaetz told Newsmax that as a “Millennial and a huge Britney Spears fan,” he felt compelled to highlight her plight. On Twitter, he urged his followers to call Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, who serves as Chair of the House Judiciary, to tell him to #FreeBritney.

He also sent a letter to Britney inviting her to speak to Congress about the issue of conservatorships (she did not take him up on the offer) and posted several tweets attacking her father, Jamie Spears.

At the same time, fans of the singer have been waging a #FreeBritney campaign in recent years, concerned that she did not have control over her own life and finances.

Until recently, Britney herself declined to publicly criticize the arrangement, but that has all changed in recent months. Yesterday’s decision comes three months after the singer pleaded with the court to remove her father.

This year, Britney was allowed to appoint her own attorney, who has been fighting on her behalf to make this happen. There have been also been two high-profile documentaries that have also highlighted her situation, alongside masses of media coverage.

In short, it’s highly likely that Britney would be winning her legal battles with or without Gaetz’s minor contribution: a point many on Twitter were quick to highlight.

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Besides hyping up his role in the #FreeBritney movement, Gaetz had a busy day yesterday. He put on a big show of attempting to grill the military’s top advisers when they appeared before a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee.

Gaetz attempted to take Gen Mark Milley, Gen Frank McKenzie and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to task over the Afghanistan withdrawal: “If we didn’t have a president that was so addled, you all would be fired, because that is what you deserve.”

He also waved a copy of the book Peril, by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, in Milley’s face, saying, “You spent more time with Bob Woodward on this book than you spent analyzing the very likely prospect that the Afghanistan government was very likely to fall.”

Milley’s corrected him, saying, “not even close.” Regardless, Gaetz spent much of the afternoon retweeting messages congratulating himself on his performance.