Matty + Bobby Break Guinness World Kissing Record

The 33-hour kissathon for Matty Daley (19, the blonde, an English major) and Bobby Canciello (20, the brunette, an interactive media major) stands at a little over 25 hours now, and there are no bathroom breaks! But the good news is that nobody from the Westboro Baptist Church has shown up to cause a disturbance (too busy burning the Quran?), reveal what appears to be the livestream’s co-hosts. Which is sort of awesome. Watch the live stream here.

UPDATE: And they did it!

Around 8pm EST they were finally able to part lips and claim the record, which I’m sure Guinness must formally register or something. There are already fan videos. Congrats boys! Go get some Carmex.

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  • reason

    I am proud of these two guys, it is not over yet but I am fairly confident that they will prevail. They have stood tall through the night surviving rounds of hate speech and a sprinkler incident. A lot of things were shown through this event including individuals surrounding us hold bigoted views and they are embolden to express them once a little bit of alcohol gets into their systems. This is a testament that GBLT are not any less than anyone else, and all it takes is the will to persevere to accomplish anything that we put our minds to.

  • Dallas David

    What time will they break the record?

  • Prof. Donald Gaudard

    @Dallas David: They just broke the record and then went on for another 45 minutes before they stopped kissing.

  • menlo

    You can bet they will be disqualified for technical reasons or other bs.

  • Jeremyrh2387

    It was too cute!

  • pfitzner

    Wait until Tosh gets ahold of this.

  • DR

    Maybe it’s just me, but I would have rather done this with my partner, not my friend.

  • Cam

    I don’t think that number #4 Menlo was being anti-gay, I think he was just assuming that Guiness would find some excuse to disqualify them because they are gay. I hope he is wrong. Nice to have a few out gay boys in the book!

  • B

    One question about QUEERTY’s photos: the first shows two guys kissing with their shirts on and the second shows one of them with his shirt off. You can’t completely take off a shirt while kissing continuously, so what gives? Was the first picture from a practice run or warmup?

    Also, how did they handle the bathroom issues? The obvious choices are initial dehydration, a bottle to pea in, or “depends”,
    or maybe some support people to help.

  • NAP79

    To each his own, but what a useless waste of time and energy. How about a day and a half of caring for homebound AIDS patients or feeding the homeless??? Most of the Guiness Records are pretty pointless.

  • woody

    @B and @NAP79 I followed the live feed for the final 5 hours. Matty cut his shirt of with his keys. He also urinated in his jeans at 4.5 hours to go. The commentators throughout the event said this world record attempt was to bring attention to discrimination against gays, the unfairness of DADT, and repeatedly asked that viewers donate to
    …useless? pointless? I think not.

  • William

    Thanks for bringing world attention to the pee in the pants part. That would have been a good time to call it a day.

  • Dallas David

    @B: During the broadcast, that question frequently came up.
    He ripped his T-shirt with a key, and tore the rest with his hands.
    As far as a potty break goes, nope. They didn’t get one. The official rules preclude that.
    When one of them needed a drink, they kept their lips locked, and slipped in a drink with a straw.

    From what I understand, they have been preparing for this event since last May. And I think they have some sort of documentary in the works. It’ll probably turn up for sale on Amazon or someplace.

  • B

    Re No 11 “He also urinated in his jeans at 4.5 hours to go.” … they should have thought about that and had some old wide-mouthed water bottles available to pee into, which would have been a lot more comfortable – or a strapped on funnel with a tube running down
    his pants and off to the grass.

  • alan brickman

    Good for them…..i changed my opinion of start collecting those speaking fees at colleges…

  • Does no 1 get Politikz? (John from England)


    No. Wouldn’t be too attracted if it was your partner???!


    B, I assume that you are a smart person, do you not think they would’ve done that if they were allowed???!

  • B

    Re No. 16 – “do you not think they would’ve done that if they were allowed???!” … they’d only have used a pee bottle if they had thought of it. has the rules. Rule 7 is: Incontinance pads or adult nappies/diapers are not allowed. That rule does not seem to mean you can’t whip it out and pee into a bottle, or even walk over to a urinal and pee there if you can manage to do that while still kissing.

  • mikey

    doesn’t kissing for that long make you hungry! chewing gum after it’s lost its flavour and swallowing lots of saliva gives me hunger pangs!

  • Victim of circumstance

    @mikey: i doubt it was full-on making out the whole time. probably just enough lip touching to qualify it as a kiss.

  • Waldo

    @DR: They’re not friends, they’re gay.

  • HPinel

    Dois lindos e sintonizados politicamente.

  • cara-marie askew

    @Waldo:there more than friends waldo and so what if there gay i have a gay friend and he’s proud of it that he has found someone to love

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