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Maybe Democrats + Gay Inc.’s Promises Would Sound Truthier In Auto-Tune?

Oh man. When you mash up all these statements over the past few years from Gay Inc. and Democrats Inc., including Barney Frank and Barack Obama and Tim Kaine, you really get a clear picture of what’s been said about commitments to LGBT equality, and what’s been done. Well, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid does say he’ll bring DADTs repeal up for a vote after the mid-terms, so Joe Solmonese has one more chance to have his friends, suffering from Dem-entia, help make his promise of killing the policy by the end of the year come true.

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  • Travis

    It’s catchy and all, but how do you expect them to do those things when there are still states like Arkansas? Make a video that actually accomplishes something next time.

  • Justin KY

    S T U P I D

    How does this help?

    We are about to get killed in the mid-terms and GetEQUAL has helped contribute to THAT. Don’t contribute to these misfits.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    I agree with Get Equal. The Human Rights Campaign and the Dem leaders have had multiple opportunities to get something done. And they have failed.

    Republicans winning elections are bad. But Democrats ignoring us/punking us at every opportunity has been catastrophic.

    Its time we make people fight for our votes. Here’s how.

    1) Stop voting for either party. Once the Dems understand that we really don’t care if the other side wins, then they’ll have to fight for our votes. How would Mr. Fierce Advocate like for 3-5% of his voters in the last election hanging on the sidelines in the next election.

    2) Stop supporting the Human Rights Campaign. They’ve failed.

  • Matt

    It is a great time for the GLBT community to tell these Democrats and Obama to find a new sucker when they ask for monies and votes for their upcomming elections! Continuing to support an organizaton that has repeatedly shown they disregard for equal rights for their supporters is unacceptable and we need to make sure they know that. With out the support of the GLBT community the democrats will lose their majority hold on congress and maybe scare Obama into doing what he promissed.

    Its time we let the Obama administration and his lies go in the dumpster.

    The recent Barack lawyer fight against the Federal Judge ruling of DADT unconstitutional is the latest fisting…. next will be the DOMA in Boston!

    Is Barack just another Eddie Long?

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