Mayor Bloomberg Donates $500,000 To Marriage-Equality Battlegrounds

For a single straight man, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a lot riding on gay equality: The billionaire businessman-turned-politician, who has already donated $250,000 to a same-sex marriage campaign in Maryland, is now giving another $500,000 for marriage-equality fights in Maine, Minnesota and Washington State.

‘Marriage equality is the next big step in America’s long march of freedom” Bloomberg said in a statement on Monday.

The mayor will give $125,000 to Mainers United for Marriage, which is backing a ballot initiative to legalize gay marriage, plus $250,000 to efforts in Washington State to uphold marriage-equality legislation passed earlier this year. Another $125,000 is being designated for Minnesotans United for All Families, which is fighting the state’s upcoming referendum banning same-sex nuptials.

Minnesota for Marriage, the group backing the North Star State’s marriage ban, calls Bloomberg an interloper: “We believe it is the people of Minnesota who should decide the question of marriage, not out-of-state donors like Bloomberg.”

What about out-of-state donors like the carpetbagging National Organization for Marriage, which almost single-handedly spurs anti-equality initiatives across the country?

Guess that doesn’t count, huh?



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