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Meghan and Harry’s wealthy new neighbors are pissed

Montecito, CA is bracing for impact.

Some residents of the quiet beachside town outside Santa Barbara are less than thrilled about their new neighbors, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Though the town is no stranger to A-list residents and visitors, it’s also apparently become famous as a no-paparazzi zone, writes TMZ.

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The royal couple moved into a multi-million dollar mansion and that unofficial no-pap rule seems to have blown out the window. Neighbors report seeing paparazzi everywhere searching for shots, and helicopters buzzing around the neighborhood constantly.

Their arrival has also brought an increase of tourism with them, which we imagine is good news if you’re a small business owner struggling under the pandemic, and bad news if you’re a crotchety millionaire resident.

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And speaking of the pandemic, those same annoyed locals are worried things will only get more hectic after the threat of Covid comes to a close.

Something about the world’s tiniest violin comes to mind.