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Which Of These Memes Will Totally Traumatize Westboro Baptist Church?


Diving deep into the Not-So-Dark web, one thing becomes abundantly clear: These days, there’s a bitchy meme for absolutely anyone, from your closest bosom friend to your mostest mortal enemy (including The Westboro Baptist Church). Below, some of the best memes of the week, personally handpicked just for you from such obscure corners of the Internet as, erm, our Facebook feed.

For The Friend Who’s Overly Cutesy and Precious:


For The Friend Trying To Be A Health Nut On Saturday Night:


For That Buddy Who Is Unabashedly Sassy In Everything He Does:


For That Overly Beefy Body Nazi You’re Getting Fed Up With:




For Those Utter Creepos At The Westboro Baptist Church:




For Fans Of Hello Kitty, Cunnilingus, Or Both:



For That Overly “Straight-Acting” Buddy Who Is Becoming A Crashing Bore: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.18.51 PM


For That Friend Who Refuses To Get Into Sticky Facebook Arguments With Social Justice Warriors:



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