Men Dressed As Fairies Beat Up Gays In London

brian kingsfordSome days, the news headlines make sense. And other days, you have to check and make sure it’s not The Onion.

Apparently, two men with pink tutus and fairy wings beat up two other men while shouting antigay slurs. Ooooookay.

The victims are 18 and 21, and we don’t know much about their conditions. One of them, Robbie Kingsford, had his post-hospitalization picture posted online by his father, showing some pretty terrible eye swelling and lots of contusions and scrapes to his face. He also appears to have some swelling around his mouth, which could mean lost teeth.

All that police have said about the attackers is that they were in a group with women, and possibly some other guys. Not a lot of details to go on.

If there can be a silver lining to any of this, it’s that passers-by intervened to stop the homophobic attack. At least it’s comforting to know that there are good people out there willing to step in.

If we had to guess what happened here, it’s that the two attackers were probably feeling uncomfortable about their Halloween costumes, and felt the need to lash out with homophobia. That’s just a guess, of course — we’re desperate to find some kind of explanation or reason behind this bizarre attack. We’ll be watching the news for more about this attack, just as we’re keeping an eye on that insane gay bashing in Philadelphia.

Our thoughts are with Robbie and the other victim. And our other thoughts are with the attackers, and go as follows: “what is wrong with you?”

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