Michelangelo Signorile Gives Bigot What For On The Streets Of Chelsea

michelangelo signorileAs I approached the man he darted into the street, swerving around taxis while screaming “faggots,” then scampered back onto the sidewalk, then into the street again, trying to get away from us.

When he came back on the sidewalk I called him a ‘bigot’ over and over, pointing to him for people to see, and David continued condemning him as a ‘homophobe.’

He was cornered, and I got in his face and asked him why he was running away like a pathetic coward, and who he was calling a “faggot.” Clearly stunned, he stammered a bit, and then mumbled, ‘Um, I, um… I meant me… I was calling myself a faggot.’

Yeah, right. We followed him, hounding him, basically chasing him out of the neighborhood as his fast gait turned into a jog in the middle of the street. Hopefully we ruined his day.”

Huffington Post editor Michelangelo Signorile, recounting a recent incident in which he and his partner were called “disgusting” by man who saw them share a goodbye kiss in the New York gayborhood of Chelsea.

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