Batty Bachmann

Michele Bachmann looks to Trump to reverse “evil” gay agenda

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann recently appeared on Family Research Council President Tony Perkins’ “Washington Watch” radio show, where she made known her support of Perkins’ call for President-elect Donald Trump to eliminate supporters of LGBTQ rights from the State Department.

The Trump transition team has already raised alarm bells with a memo sent to the Energy Department asking for the names of people who work on climate change, and another to the State Department looking for information on employees who have worked “to promote gender equality, such as ending gender-based violence, promoting women’s participation in economic and political spheres, entrepreneurship, etc.”

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Perkins asserted that under President Obama “our government has been perverted to be used to advance an ungodly agenda” and “undermine American values both abroad and here at home.”

“How does the State Department, how does the United States government bless or curse?” Bachmann asked. “You brought it up yourself with the State Department, where we’ve seen such evil come out of our State Department, unfortunately, where financial incentives are withheld from countries unless they advance, for instance, the gay agenda.”

“In a country that doesn’t believe in the gay agenda but the Obama State Department has said, ‘You have to have a gay pride parade. You have to make sure that you can show us that ministers are marching in these gay pride parades.'” she claimed. “What? The U.S. government is telling another government that you have to have gay pride parades? That’s unbelievable. You won’t get your PEPFAR money, you won’t get your USAID money unless you follow our radical social agenda?”

PEPFAR stands for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and is a United States government initiative to help combat HIV/AIDS worldwide. USAID funds go toward fighting poverty and for disaster relief initiatives abroad.

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In the interview, Bachmann also cited debunked claims that Barack Obama intervened in an Israeli election in order to defeat the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, while insisting “Jewish people are so thrilled that Donald Trump is going to be the next president.”

Listen to Bachmann make her nutty claims in the audio, via Right Wing Watch, below.