US Venues Cancel Folk Singer Michelle Shocked’s Gigs After Homophobic Tirade

Michelle Shocked in 2005Well, her name may be Michelle Shocked but we bet a lot of people saw this coming. The alt-folk singer has seen all of her U.S. gigs slip through her guitar strings after she went all Westboro before a crowd in homosexual hotbed, San Francisco.

Shocked told Shocked shocked fans that “she lives in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry,” that “God hates fags” and yadda-yadda-that-old-folk-song-and-dance.

Before you could say “who said what now?”, a petition sprung up calling for “equality-minded performance spaces” in the U.S. and Europe to dump the born-again Christian soldier.

“Freedom of speech and artistic expression are critically important, but this isn’t free speech,” the petition states. “This is hate speech.”

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, Colorado — the last date on her U.S. tour — canceled her scheduled appearance, following in the equality-minded footsteps of several other venues in Illinois, Oregon, California and Washington.

Meanwhile, Yoshi’s in San Fran, where Shocked delivered her most memorable performance to date, has banned the singer for life.