World, Mr. Gay Europe Rejoice!

Mr. Gay Europe Crowned!

German national Jackson Netto took home Europe’s most coveted prize this weekend, beating out twenty other hopefuls for the Mr. Gay Europe title.

Flanky by Mr. UK, Mark Carter, last year’s winner, Nandi Gyongyosi and Mr. Northern Ireland, John Rice, Netto delivered a heart clogging acceptance speech,

When I was a child I used to be overweight. At the age of 15 I lost 25 kilos of weight, took care of my nutrition and did sports to keep in shape. To be able to enter the Mr Gay Europe competition was be a huge step for me, a great reward for the effort and discipline that I’ve had all these years. To be honest it is a dream come true.

The gayest dream come true.

Netto goes on to celebrate being a role model. Which role, he did not say. Runners up Mr. UK and Ireland, meanwhile, are rumored to be planning an allied attack on his axis.
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