equality idol

Nat’l Equality March Chose 5 Men (and No Women) to Be Cleve Jones’ Future Protege

Meet Mario Nguyen, your next great orator, and a finalist for the National Equality March’s “Idol” competition. He’s facing off against four others who submitted video entries for one of two speaking slots at NEM, and deliver a warm fuzzy speech about civil rights and hope and making a difference and that guy in the White House. For whatever reason, the “sub-committee of 5 volunteers” chose an all-male (and almost entirely white) roster of competitors, but here they are.

From now until, uh, either Sept. 26 (according to NEM’s Facebook page) or Sept. 27 (according to NEM’s website), organizers will collect your votes — submitted on NEM’s YouTube and Facebook pages — and pick the two speeches that rack up the highest ratings and thumbs up. Because this is a democracy, and that’s how things are done.

But on this website, we choose favorites. And ours is Mr. Nguyen. Give him your vote, and let the kid school America.