NBC News Nixed Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage-Equality Commercials

While we’re still celebrating the victories for equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, we’re sad to hear that pro-marriage-equality spots filmed by former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton were nixed by her employers at NBC News.

Buzzfeed is reporting that Clinton had filmed two PSAs in support of same-sex marriage but higher ups at NBC News, where she’s been working as a special correspondent, put the kibosh on them both.

“A third source said that Clinton described her belief that everyone should have the freedom to marry, detailed the importance of the upcoming votes, and stated that success in the states voting on marriage would send a message to rest of the country.”

It’s a tricky call: We understand a news outlet wanting to keep its on-air talent away from big public stances on the issues of the day. But Clinton has already appeared at various LGBT fundraisers and been outspoken in her support—as have out newsfolk like Don Lemon and Thomas Roberts. Maybe we should just accept that the days of opinion-free journalists are over.

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Photo: Kyle Cassidy