NBC Will Turn A Spotlight On Russia’s Antigay Abuses During Winter Olympics

dorian-corey-olympicsIt is seldom that we have good news to report about Russia, so we’re pleased to note that NBC is starting to pay more attention to the country’s antigay abuse.

They’ve hired the delightful David Remnick to cover the politics beat during the Olympics, and that’s huge. Remnick is the former Moscow Bureau Chief for the Washington Post; he won a Pulitzer in 1994 and a bunch of other awards since then; and he’s an all-around unrelenting journalist.

Daniel-Pearl-Lecture_large-x1-dovHis coverage for NBC will include the country’s recent violence towards LGBTs. This ought to be good.

Of course, having a reporter there is great, but we’re still pretty nervous about what’s going to happen. The potential for violence is huge, since the country has made it clear that they are willing to brutalize gays and lesbians. Hopefully, there won’t be any violence. But if there is, it’s good to know that Remnick will be there to expose it.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee is a veritable profile in courage: their latest good deed is reminding athletes that they need to shut the hell up about gay stuff. A letter to the participants reminds them that political statements are prohibited.

But we’re a little unclear on what constitutes “political” here. Is simply being openly gay a political act? Yes, of course it is. So what are you going to do, IOC, send people home unless they lie about who they are and who they love? Remnick, get on this.