NBC Will Turn A Spotlight On Russia’s Antigay Abuses During Winter Olympics

dorian-corey-olympicsIt is seldom that we have good news to report about Russia, so we’re pleased to note that NBC is starting to pay more attention to the country’s antigay abuse.

They’ve hired the delightful David Remnick to cover the politics beat during the Olympics, and that’s huge. Remnick is the former Moscow Bureau Chief for the Washington Post; he won a Pulitzer in 1994 and a bunch of other awards since then; and he’s an all-around unrelenting journalist.

Daniel-Pearl-Lecture_large-x1-dovHis coverage for NBC will include the country’s recent violence towards LGBTs. This ought to be good.

Of course, having a reporter there is great, but we’re still pretty nervous about what’s going to happen. The potential for violence is huge, since the country has made it clear that they are willing to brutalize gays and lesbians. Hopefully, there won’t be any violence. But if there is, it’s good to know that Remnick will be there to expose it.

Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee is a veritable profile in courage: their latest good deed is reminding athletes that they need to shut the hell up about gay stuff. A letter to the participants reminds them that political statements are prohibited.

But we’re a little unclear on what constitutes “political” here. Is simply being openly gay a political act? Yes, of course it is. So what are you going to do, IOC, send people home unless they lie about who they are and who they love? Remnick, get on this.

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  • Cam

    Oh please, after a MASSIVE backlash and threats of a boycott, and multiple attempts to use PR and the media to try to minimize the issue that failed, they are now CLAIMING that they will talk about that issue.

    They are saying that now hoping that this will calm talk of a boycott because all of their little PR articles and having their employees posting on gay blogs screaming against a boycott didn’t work.


    The Olympic Committee has let the Russians run roughshod over them.

  • 2eo

    @PARKAVMAN: They haven’t at all, they’ve willingly co-operated right from the start.

  • MK Ultra

    NBC is disgusting. They hired Remnick to futher whitewash the violence against Russian LGBT. Remnick will reduce that violence to just not being able to get married or have PRIDE parades. He will not mention the kidnappings, torture, rape, or murder. If he does, it will be minimal and presented as rare extremism not supported by the government.
    Remnick will compare Russia to the US (it’s no different than states without marriage equality). Then he’ll contrast Russia with the US (we have to remember they have different social values). Then he repeat official Russian propaganda (Putin’s government is against hate or discrimination of any kind. They even have gay clubs in Moskva!).
    How do I know this. Because a good indicator of the future is past behavior. NBC has been doing this all along.

  • viveutvivas

    Haha, Remnick an unrelenting journalist?

    Have you forgotten that Remnick was a cheerleader for invading Iraq? He swallowed the falsified claims of WMD right down to the pubic hair, and called for an invasion in an editorial in the New Yorker.

    In any case, if you believe that NBC’s advertisers (many of whom are Sochi sponsors) are going to accept them showing anything but anodyne cheerleading, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • MrEguy

    Remember that this is the same Olympic Committee which sued the Gay Olympics, forcing the group to change their name to the Gay Games. Meanwhile, the Special Olympics gets a pass.

  • dougmc92

    I GAVE UP ON SOCHI weeks ago- won’t be watching- if NBC thinks firing Hamilton for Weir was a good move to keep the gays happy- THEY FAILED MISERABLY!

  • dbmyers

    @bernadettedse: Go troll someplace else you disgusting hijacker of legitimate issues for your self-serving con game. Begone troll you have no power here!

  • AuntieChrist

    I want to take up wrestling F**K NBC and Russia…

  • customartist

    Taking bets that no one here nor any of our friends will ever see a report on NBC telling the real unvarnished truth about what is actually going on in Russia. They will probably run a 30 second spot in the off-hours just to say that they did.

  • customartist


    Who could forget? Its time for the IOC to make that mistake right.

  • jimbryant

    This is a face-saving ploy by NBC. Don’t fall for it.

    NBC will broadcast its message to places where it’s irrelevant. Russians won’t hear NBC’s message.

    The best way to end the oppressive anti-gay legislation in Russia is to get the World Banks to choke off the flow of capital into Russia. Nothing else will work.

  • mezzacanadese

    The main thing is that the spotlight will be on Russia and the world is watching!

  • manjoguy

    Could NBC please put the “spotlight” on the Benghazi investigation? Sadly we can’t expect much from the liberal media(propagandists).

  • jwtraveler

    @manjoguy: What is this right-wing obsessive fixation on Benghazi? Someone made a mistake. A few people were killed. That’s sad. It pales in comparison with hundreds of other incidents in which lies, misconduct and criminal behavior have led to the deaths of thousands or even millions. Remember the famous Weapons of Mass Destruction lies that got us into the Iraq war resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands? Why don’t we put a “spotlight” on George W. Bush and his criminal cronies? You Mad Teapartiers aren’t interested in truth. You’re just looking for any chance to slam Obama and H. Clinton.

  • ronavila

    we will believe it when we see/hear it

  • Jamal

    If it happens in Russia it can happen here!
    Gays should stick together and start kicking some butt.

  • guest4ever

    Will NBC highlight abuses in the homosexual community?

    Like the fact that in 2012 the CDC reported that 73% of all new AIDS cases were contracted by homosexuals?

    Now that would be propaganda for NBC wouldn’t it?

    To tell the truth.

  • guest4ever

    @jwtraveler: A majority of Democrats voted to go into Iraq… including that liberal icon Hillary Clinton.

  • 2eo

    @guest4ever: Will NBC ever cover the rampant paedophilia is carried out nearly 100% of the time by christians in the western world?

  • scoobydube

    @Cam: NBC “saw the light” when it “learned” that ALL that MONEY they “invested” in the coverage might “evaporate” if the public would NOT watch the games. You won’t have people “buying” the “advertised” items if there is NO audience there to watch. RATINGS, GREED, and of course MONEY, were the PRIMARY factors in their “ENLIGHTENMENT” on the subject …

  • AuntieChrist

    Guess I am not the only person who told NBC that my Television would not be tuned in during the Winter Olympics.

  • guest4ever

    @2eo: Not sure what you’re trying to say, my friend, because the truth is, 1/3 of all cases of pedophilia involve homosexuals.

    But you can rest assured, my friend… NBC will not be reporting that.

  • AuntieChrist

    @guest4ever: I just love how you ass hats just come up with arbitrary numbers without citing sources to back up your claims…You are wrong…Why are you here..?….You are obviously a homophobic religious nut job…A VERY unwelcome guest here.

  • Degas

    @guest4ever: According to Child Advocacy Center: 96% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by adult HETEROSEXUAL men. Will NBC highlight abuses in the heterosexual community?

  • RickinTheCity

    @guest4ever: Why don’t you take your ign0rant lies over to the Fox Channel where nut jobs like you will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Gay people are of a much higher intelligence level and won’t buy your silly fantasies.

  • AuntieChrist

    @RickinTheCity: You go girl/guy, tell it on the mountain honey… I am really tired of this jerk…I wish that there were bots to filter out these interlopers.

  • guest4ever

    @AuntieChrist: “Homophobic religious nut job”

    In the world of homosexuals that would include Jesus and any other person who tells the truth about homosexuality… a truly suicidal lifestyle.

    Interesting how QUEERTY DOESN’T ENFORCE IT’S COMMENT POLICY about personal attacks.

  • guest4ever

    @RickinTheCity: “Silly fantasies”

    “Gay people are of a much higher intelligence level”

    It truly is a sign of intelligence when two men attempt to have sex with one another… or is it a silly fantasy to think they can?

    “If any of ye lack wisdom… let him ask of God who giveth to all men liberally.”

    Let’s ask Him what He thinks, shall we?

  • QueerRevolutionary

    @guest4ever: hey look everyone Guest4Ever is trolling to find a dude to fuck him. good luck with that TROLL

  • guest4ever

    When someone dies their conscience will be fully restored and they will remember every detail of their lives.

    A potent combination for those who have slandered their fellow man.

  • QueerRevolutionary

    @guest4ever: hey Shit for Brains did you find a date on Queerty yet Troll? Here’s an idea just go fuck yourself and get the fuck out of here

  • guest4ever

    Your comments are a reflection of who you are… not a reflection of who I am.

    And they clearly illustrate the wisdom of the Russian people in restricting such a socially destructive and suicidal lifestyle.

    The IOC is right… athletes should compete, not use the games as a venue to promote homosexual propaganda in an attempt to satisfy their narcissistic urges.

    They can do that on Ellen’s show.

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