Nebraska Coach Ron Brown Won’t Speak At Hearing On Gay-Discrimination Bill

University of Nebraska-Lincoln football coach Ron Brown didn’t hold his tongue when the Omaha City Council debated adding sexual orientation and gender presentation to the town’s anti-discrimination ordinance. But the 22-year UNL veteran has said he won’t speak out in regards to a similar measure being considered in Lincoln.

“Everything inside of me said, ‘I don’t want the media to stop me from going,’” Brown told the Lincoln Journal-Star on Sunday. “Then I realized it was going to be a circus, and everybody already knows how I think. My views stand the same. As I prayed about it, I thought it was not in the Lord’s will for me to testify.”

And on behalf of God, we say “Thanks, pal!”

When Omaha was considering an ordinance (since passed) that would add LGBT protections, Brown addressed the Legislature, saying it would have to answer “to a higher authority” if it didn’t embrace the biblical view of homosexuality as sinful.

But in an open letter to the Journal-Star Brown denies his beliefs on homosexuality led him to discriminate against gays Corn Huskers:

I wholeheartedly agree with UNL’s Non-Discrimination Policy. As a UNL employee for 22 years, I haven’t, nor will I violate this policy…

Not all of my players have agreed with the Bible’s views. One example, of many, would be those choosing heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Though the Bible teaches this as sin, I haven’t penalized them with playing time or discrimination of any sort. Because I love them, I’ve invested in them even outside of football and gently asked them to consider God’s view on it… I

have and will embrace every player I coach, gay or straight… but I won’t embrace a legal policy that supports a lifestyle that God calls sin.

So you don’t discriminate against gays—and you support the school’s policy that forbids discriminating against gays. But everyone else should be free to discriminate against gays? That doesn’t make much sense.

On the CBS Sports website, Reaction to Brown’s latest comments were mixed—some attacked his views, others embrace them, and still others defending his right to his opinion.

Bama75201: Thank God for closet cases that speak hate against gays and lesbians. It’s God’s will to judge others. I read that somewhere in the Bible. “Judge thy neighbor lest thee be judged by others.”

CUJAYS87: Ron Brown is exercising his freedom of speech. If he was a Muslim I bet the hypocritcial libs and PC police would have no problem with anything he said.

OneWay2Go: The anger expressed over this issue is because you know Ron Brown is correct. Hence, you spin all kinds of reasons he should be fired. You do not see this anger when immoral activities are promoted. This anger towards Ron is because the Bible is clear–people hate righteousness. If there is truly a rightness then you know you will be judged by it.

brainfood: Brown does not represent the views of correct-thinking Nebraskans.  He is an embarrassment to the state.  He should resign or be fired immediately.  Maybe he can get a job at Falwell U.


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  • Leo

    Don’t you hate when the homophobe is actually pretty hot? So conflicting!

  • Belize

    “Then I realized it was going to be a circus, and everybody already knows how I think.

    Wait. Hold up. He “thinks?”

    News to me.

  • jason

    In a way, I sympathize with Ron Brown. I think he’s seen some of the destructive aspects of the gay male social scene – eg its promiscuity, its drug use. This gives people a very bad impression of us.

    I think we need to clean up the gay male social scene, frankly.

  • MikeE

    @jason: You seriously need to get a life.

    your image of the “gay male social scene” is right out of the movie “Cruising”, and couldn’t be further from the truth.

    all the promiscuity, and drugs you drone on and on about, exists JUST as much in the heterosexual club scene. But it’s funny, I don’t hear you saying that all heterosexuals are drug addicted sex hounds with no morals.

    (why the hell am I answering jason, of people?)

    Anyway, you SERIOUSLY need to get help and get out of whatever hell-hole you live in if that’s your view of the gay community. because you are obviously not seeing every aspect of a varied, rich, and productive community: athletic organizations, artistic organizations, community aide groups, business organizations, political action groups, and yes, many many religious groups within the gay community because not all denominations accept “twisting scripture to your needs” as a valid interpretation of the Bible.

    When I look at the gay community in my city, I see couples, young and old, I see happy well-adjusted people, I see families, successful professionals, students, people starting out, people reaching a mature age, all sorts of people.

    If all you, Jason, ever see is men fucking in saunas, then you really, really need to get OUT of those saunas and realize that that’s not “the gay community”.

    If all you see, Jason, is twinks doing drugs at raves, then you really, really, need to stop GOING to raves.

    And most importantly, you have to stop letting your tunnel-vision dictate how you see the gay community at large, because you’re seeing such a TINY fraction of it that you simply come across as a complete fool.


    well, I tried. I know my words will go in one ear and out the other.
    but I think it’s sad that someone should darken their personal world with such an erroneous world view.

    He is making himself unhappy with his imaginary view of “the gay community”.

  • Bob

    Another minority who won his civil right but want to keep us from ours!

  • pedro

    @Bob: Would you feel better if he were white? Then I’m sure there is some Bryan Fisher video you can find to brighten up your day…He’s always yapping off against the gays. And as a latino who’s mainly attracted to masculine black guys…it’s a shame he’s so hot, yet so freaking stupid…

  • jason


    I’m talking about the commercial gay male scene, the one we present to the world as being indicative of how we socialize.

    I see smelly bath-houses, I see dark beats, I see toilet blocks, I see the constant marketing of the male body’s six-pack, I see porn, I see drug use, I see demented drag queens, I see condoms, I see all-night dance parties, I see bottles of amyl…is it any wonder people get a bad impression of us?

    Honestly, I think that clean-up of the gay male social scene is well overdue.

  • hf2hvit

    “I see smelly bath-houses, I see dark beats, I see toilet blocks”… I BET YOU DO!

  • w.e.

    Too bad. I will miss seeing his bigoted bubble butt struggling to bust out of those tight pants. Come on, Ron, bring it on!

  • Shadeaux

    I wonder if any of his players have ever been divorced. There are law that support that which is also against the bible. He’s an “F’n” idiot with an excuse to justify his bigotry. It’s hilarious how they throw the word “love” in a sentence to justify their “hate”.

  • Bob

    @pedro: White people (straight ones that is) did not have to struggle to obtain their civil rights so they don’t understand it the way Afican Americans do. That was my point. How can someone who knows injustice want to inflict it on others. And, I am very attracted to both Afican American men and Latino and Asian men!

  • mcflyer54

    Yep, good old Ron Brown. God told him to hate then God told him not to talk about it. And of course since his conversation with God was totally private nobody can challenge him on what transpired. Except – God told me that he didn’t talk to Ron Brown about not going to testify – he told Ron that if he wasn’t a coward willing to face the “circus” then he really wasn’t much of a man. We all know that Jesus faced a lot of “circuses” and didn’t back down – but then again Jesus wasn’t worried that his 22 year coaching job was at stake if he didn’t finally decide to shut his mouth.

  • mcflyer54

    @MikeE – good job but it will go right over Jason’s head. Ron Brown is a college coach and I’m sure has seen plenty of “stereotypical” jock behavior (drugs, date rape, illegal weapons, point shaving, classroom cheating, poor sportsmanship, etc., etc., etc.) and yet he’s still a coach and as far as I know not badmouthing athletes. So for someone like Jason to “assume” that Brown is basing his bigotry on some religious right propaganda about gay stereotypes is beyond foolish. If those stereotypes are what Jason believes about the gay community then it is obvious that he knows very little and has allowed the bigots to form his (inaccurate) opinion for him. But realistically, we all have the right to be the person we were meant to be without the condemnation of the Jason’s and Ron Brown’s of the world.

  • Shannon1981

    @jason: OMG I literally laughed so hard I have tears streaming down my face. Where the hell do you get this shit?

  • Joseph Hill

    “……is it any wonder people get a bad impression of us?”

    Full story here:

    If I allowed my behavior and/or attitude to depend on the ‘impression’ “people” had of me, I might just as well have stayed in the closet. This is LIFE…Not a dress rehearsal we are doing here! We’re not following somebody else’s script.

    I think those ‘drag queens’ who led the Stonewall Rebellion probably made a ‘bad impression’ on those who were clubbing them and those who were looking on or heard about it through the popular media. [Go ahead…check the archives of the NYTimes, the Daily News, the Post] I know that I made bad impressions, often, just by refusing to hide my Queer-ness…which is what we were usually called back then–and often since. Queer was/is what you had in mind as “making a bad impression”, isn’t it?

    I’m proud to be Queer…and proud of any other person who dares to be himself, without hurting anything except the sensitivities of those who would deny us ANY expression of our Queer-ness. Get a life, Jason….you DESERVE one….even if you ARE a bit on the frumpish side… It really DOES take ALL kinds, Jason. Each of us is responsible for how s/he lives his/her own life…but we cannot be responsible for everyone else’s

  • Kevin

    @Bob: Ohhhh, you mean like the way we as gay men are soooooooooo accepting of each other? Like that? Please! All gay men are minorities yet we look down on each other for the simplest of things all the time. Being a minority doesn’t automatically mean you empathize with other minorities. Oh and homophobia is silly no matter who it’s coming from. No one has a pass to discriminate and/or hate.

  • David Aventura

    @No.17 Kevin: Thanks so much for that comment. Now, I don’t have to say it. You know, it seems to me that a lot of gay men tolerate bigotry as long as it is not directed towards them. But, once it is, all hell breaks loose. I’m no longer amazed at the number of gay men who rip African-Americans apart for not supporting gays, since blacks are also minorities, and then turn around and show off their racist tendencies.

    @ No.8 Jason: Don’t bother trying to explain yourself. It will never make sense to some people. Though a little extreme in presentation, your points are valid. And, you don’t have to go to a bathhouse or bar to see it. I just got back from the gym…all I can say is this: What many gay men deem acceptable behavior in the gay community is nothing less than criminal activity.

  • mike

    Anyone who says that god is telling them to do certain things is seriously demented, and has no business being a coach to college kids. For Leo and Pedro, I don’t know what you see in that homely black dude, i wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

  • Bob

    @Kevin: Good point!

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