Neo-Nazi William A. White Guilty Of Soliciting Violence Against Gay Jury Foreman Mark Hoffman

William A. White (pictured), the Virginian neo-Nazi already serving a 2.5 year prison sentence for online harassment and witness intimidation, faces an additional 10 years in prison and $250k fine having just been convicted of encouraging violence against the gay jury foreman who oversaw the trial of another white supremacist. Yahoo.

White, convicted of illegally targeting the foreman by posting online Mark Hoffman’s name, address, photo, and sexual orientation (the post made mention of Hoffman’s partner) on his since-shuttered Nazi website Overthrow.com, wasn’t too thrilled when the jury convicted his pro-hate pal Matthew Hale, leader of the World Church of the Creator, of soliciting a hit man to kill a Chicago federal judge in 2004. Four years later, White decided it was time to go after the foreman in an online rant titled “The Juror Who Convicted Matt Hale.” And while posting the foreman’s identifying information was not itself an illegal incitement to violence, prosecutors argued White’s history of calling for attacks meant he couldn’t hide behind the First Amendment; the crucial question was whether White believed one of his readers would attack the Hoffman for him. It’s unlikely he’ll score the full 10-year sentence, though it seems apropos to keep this guy locked up a little while longer, or at least away from computers. After all, he was scheduled to be released in two weeks. Hoffman, who received an endless string of harassing texts and phone calls after White’s post, was in the court room when the verdict was read. He wept.

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  • justiceontherocks

    People like White should be in jail for something. Forever.

  • scribe

    does anyone else see gay-face in this creep???

  • Cindy

    I’d have to strain for gay face, but was immediately hit by the crazy eyes. Creepy.

  • Franky

    Maybe not gay face but crazy face is in there and so is molester face.

  • Mack Robertson

    I see ignorant, uneducated, and very probably a ‘stealth’ gay. His
    ‘brotherhood’ better be careful. His eyes might be settling on one of you.

  • ewe

    More and more Judges are now feeling the same treatment from these tyrants that minorities have experienced forever. Maybe that will promote addressing these domestic terrorists once and for all. He looks like a overweight sheltered little brat to me.

  • scott ny'er

    @Franky: Yeah. I get crazy. Real effin’ crazy.

    @justiceontherocks: IDK. I still am of the mindset, these mofos have it easy in jail. They get to build there muscles, watch tv, surf the web and scheme on who they can target when they get out. Next meal, not to worry, it’s coming.

    Meanwhile, you, I are trying to make ends meet. Yes, we have freedom. But methinks they have it too easy. If you want to workout, do you have access to weights. Well, I suppose you can purchase a gym membership. It’s not free tho.

  • the crustybastard

    That balding four-eyed lackwitted tubbagoo is Exhibit A in the case against “white supremacy.”

  • missbaby4love

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  • ewe

    @missbaby4love: No you may not. OCD is not a turn on for me.

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