New Allegations: Was Alan Turing’s “Suicide” a Secret Spy Murder?

alan-turingSomebody call Jessica Fletcher: we’ve got one hell of a whodunnit on our hands.

Earlier this month, the British government issued a pardon to Alan Turing, a brilliant scientist whose research helped win World War II and later led to the invention of the modern computer. But because he was gay, this hero was prosecuted and chemically castrated, and eventually committed suicide at the age of 41.

…or did he?

British LGBT civil rights organizer Peter Tatchell has a different theory. He thinks Turing was secretly murdered.

It’s not a crazy suggestion. Turing had made no indication that he was suicidal, and even left a note for himself with reminders of things to do after the weekend.

He’s alleged to have killed himself with a poisoned apple, which is very poetic. But the half-eaten apple found next to his body was never tested for poison.

And let’s not forget that he was a brilliant codebreaker who figured out a method to decrypt messages that were once assumed to be unbreakable.

Might the British government have been concerned that Turing would turn on them, in revenge for his cruel punishment? What secrets did he take to the grave?

Those are the questions that Tatchell wants answered. Also, it would be nice to get a pardon for the other 50,000 men who were convicted under England’s antigay laws.