New App Turns Any Bar Into A Gay Bar (Without The Requisite Six-Pack of Beer)!

A new app promises to help turn an dull watering hole into a swinging gay nightclub is coming to an iPhone near you.

Born out of real-world Guerrilla Queer Bar events, The Welcoming Committee (TWC) application lets users suggest bars and events for a clique of gays (that’s the proper taxonomy, right?) to take over. It could be speed-dating, karaoke—even Pogues night at McGilley’s bar.

The free app’s description reads:

“Search for any local bar that you want to takeover and turn into a gay bar, select the date and time, and add a short description of the event. Others nearby can vote up the events they want to attend and check-in when they get there.

Simply boot up the app to see which venues in your area are trending gay right now. TWC is entirely anonymous. It’s about making nightlife spaces a little bit gayer.”

It’s like crowdsourcing gaydar—brilliant!

Source: Huffington Post UK