New Book Claims Matthew Shepard Was A Meth Head, Murdered By His Bisexual Lover

matthew-shepardThe story of the life and death of Matthew Shepard is now the stuff of legend, but a new book makes some disturbing claims that tries to put  Shepard and his murder in a more complicated light.

The 1998 murder of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard in a horrific hate crime was one of the first of its kind to gain major media attention and put a spotlight on the nationwide epidemic of anti-gay violence. The Laramie Project, a play that was written about the impact of the murder both on Laramie, Wyoming, where it took place, and the citizens who were left to deal with the fallout, is still performed to this day.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation continues to fight hate with educational outreach programming, and his name (along with racial hate crime victim James Byrd, Jr.) is attached to federal hate crime legislation designed to enhance penalties for those who commit crimes based on race or sexual orientation. There is arguably no symbol in the modern gay rights movement more deified than Matthew Shepard. However, nearly 20 years after his murder, a new book aims to change how Shepard’s death is viewed.

The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About The Murder of Matthew Shepard was written by openly gay journalist, writer, and producer Stephen Jimenez, who traveled to Laramie in 2000 to write a screenplay about Shepard’s murder. What he found after 13 years of travel, interviews, and research with some of the key figures of the case are tabloid-style details that had already been reported but are likely to ruffle more than a few feathers. But they do little to change the grand narrative of a young man who was tortured and killed in cold blood by gay-hating predators.

Among the shocking allegations in the sensationally titled manuscript is that one of the men convicted of murdering Shepard, Aaron McKinney, was Shepard’s sometime lover and a closeted bisexual who may have killed him not just out of hatred for his homosexuality, but because Shepard supposedly possessed six ounces of crystal meth that had just come into Laramie. McKinney had been on a five-day meth bender, and his violent rage grew in part out of the devastating impact of the drug on his self control.

Yet it has long been known that gay-bashing killers sometimes harbour hidden sexual desires that they are trying to snuff out not just in their victims but in themselves as well. And the fact that drugs and sleep deprivation (and desire for Shepard’s stash) may have exacerbated his loathing does not change the reality of the underlying homophobia or the senselessness of the murder of a brave young gay man.

Andrew Sullivan interviewed the author (below), who seems aware of the fallout he may face, but  remains determined to report the truth of what he discovered.

Editor’s note: This post was edited for clarity after publication.

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  • balehead

    I said would we have cared so much if he was black?….Cute and blond doesn’t mean you can’t commit crimes you know…

  • Charlie in Charge

    Hmmmmmm… is this a story that needs to be told? If it is true does it in any way absolve his killers?

  • 2eo

    @Charlie in Charge: I’m a rather staunch believer that the truth will set you free.

    Even if it isn’t comfortable, the truth should be known, it isn’t comfortable to point out Elvis slept with 14 year olds, but it’s true. It isn’t comfortable to speak up about the NSA, GCHQ and Mossad for fear of arrest and torture, but it’s true.

    If this turns out to hold weight it doesn’t mean the laws and work done by the foundation and equal right activists who rallied for a great cause is for naught, in fact I would say the opposite.

    Shepard will always have a positive place in history, the work done in his name will never be undone, even if it turns out he was a drug addicted idiot.

  • 7Thunders

    Well, the question is, why would the defendants NOT bring this up in their trial? I mean, if they are facing hate crimes…why not say “no…we killed him over drugs not his sexuality”. For some reason, this doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    This guy is full of shit. He tried blackmailing Judy Shepherd in 2004 into letting him do a movie. When she refused, he began this witch hunt claiming Shepard was a dealer. He sold the story to 20/20 at the same time McKinley’s lawyer filed an appeal. The 20/20 episode was a verbatim presentation of McKinley’s lawyers filing with the court. It also came out that Jimenez was in some kind of “relationship” with the lawyer, one which neither man will specify what that relationship entailed.

    Here’s are three articles that show Jimenez is a lying sack of shit:

    Jimenez colluded with 20/20 producers to hide contradictory evidence, downplay police evidence, and paint Matthew as a dealer, and occasional lover of McKinney, all so his lawyer boyfriend could get a killer out of jail.

  • 2eo

    @7Thunders: @Mr. E. Jones:

    Proof that the skepticism was completely justified. Kudos Mr. Jones. It appears he’s decided to slander and pull the age old “This is what they said, I honestly didn’t alter and infer meanings at all, and outright make them up” card.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Jimenez claims the killers lawyers told them not to mention drugs to protect themselves. he also claims the court ordered gag order stopped them from discussing the allegations. However they did the interview with 20/20 in violation of the gag order. it’s all bullshit, and for Jimenez to release this book on the 15th anniversary of his murder shows that his is a parasite who has been making money on Shepard’s death for 15 years.

    When you read interviews with Jimenez, it’s clear he is obsessed with McKinney, in a bizarre Truman Capote/Perry Smith way.

  • Deepdow

    Making money off of a heinous murder and calling it a search for the truth is beyond nauseating. The author is a low life. Didn’t he have any idea how the Shepard family might feel? Hope the book tanks.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    He knows how they feel, because he’s been harassing them for 15 years. Right off, Judy Shepard saw this guy as a parasite, and an obsessive. He has been contacting the family for years, even after they have told him to leave them alone.

    He’s a pathetic anti-gay homosexual, who would like to paint a murder victim as a criminal, and two killers as victims.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    Matthew’s killers were up for the death penalty and their case was getting massive attention because of the anti-gay hate angle, yet they never presented any of this information in their defense. Isn’t that odd?

  • Cam

    Ok, does anybody remember the typical B.S. that the anti-gay bigots tried when he was first killed?

    They claimed he tried to attack the killers, they claimed it was retaliation because he’d given one of the AIDS, they claimed a BUNCH of things and guess what. None were true and not have any proof whatsoever.

    This is exactly the same thing. If ANY of this was true NOM and FRC would have been trumpeting all of this for years.

  • Tackle

    Some of you are acting like the writer of the book invented this story and made this up. This is the same story I heard soon after Matthew was brutally murdered, and many from his hometown will tell the same story. About Matthew being heavily involved with drugs. Knowing his killers and even being at the same parties. It doesn’t change the fact that it was a brutal crime and the killers deserved what they got. Maybe even more. At appears that Matthew was no saint. But no one is. We in the GLBTW community talk about being open, honest and truthful, yet when it’s presented we can’t handle it. The truth is what it is. Not what we want it to be.

  • Deepdow


    He might have had substance abuse problems but if someone I loved were brutally murdered I wouldn’t want them to be dragged through the mud in a book detailing rather personal issues years after their death. That’s gross and heartless. Award winning journalists should be writing about ACTUAL THINGS THAT COULD BE OF SOME SOCIAL VALUE IN THIS WORLD, right?

  • Taliaferro

    Matthew Shepard was a young gay man who was brutally murdered. His use of chemicals, the sexual proclivities of one of his murders are irrelevant. In addition, this event was 15 years ago and Matthew is not alive to confirm of deny these stories. Nothing in the years since his brutal and senseless murder changes the horror of that event. Why must we seek reasons to blame the victim of hate crimes. Why must we find excuses for those who commit them. Why do we seek to titillate ourselves with scandalous detail? The untimely loss of any human life is a disruption in the balance of the universe.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    If he was “heavily involved” with drugs, why did none show up in his toxicology report? Why have the police denied he was a dealer?

    All the “witnesses” to his crimes are friends of McKinney, and shady perps like the limo driver, Doc, who claimed to know Matthew for months, but it turns out he only knew him a week before his death.

    Jimenez based his claims of a sexual relationship between McKinney and Shepard based on an anonymous letter he found withing sealed court documents. No attempt was made to find this letter writer, or find actual evidence from unbiased sources.

    Jimenez only witnesses are McKinney, and those who support McKinney, and his desire for an early release from prison. the people who matter-law enforcement–have called bullshit on Jimenez’s claims for years. that is why he is now painting the Laramie police force as criminals themselves, also involved in drug dealing.

    This book needs to be thrown on the trash heap with the 9/11 conspiracies, the birther conspiracies, and lizard people conspiracies.

  • Cam


    Gee, what a shock, a new account comes in here with a bunch of unsubstantiated claims that they can’t back up.

    Could you anti-gay bigots at least TRY a new tactic once in a while? This one is getting old.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    With a book to promote, I think we’re going to see lots of these types popping up on gay blogs. Paining the victim as a criminal, and the criminals as victims. America’s new pastime.

  • Stache1

    @Mr. E. Jones: This reminds me of another defense they use. The gay panic defense. Exept in this case the BS is “a lovers quarrel gone wrong” and throw in some drug dealing to make it real juicy.

    The only thing that mildly interests me is this dude Jimenez and his relationship with the lawyer and his duchbag defendant. However, since that’s never going to make it out into the light of the day and the book sounds like pure BS I think I’ll just pass.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    In the first article I linked, McKinney’s lawyer had this to say:

    For Judy Shepard, the “20/20” piece looked like the story that Newcomb was telling in Henderson’s petition for sentence relief.

    “Jimenez got access to McKinney because of his relationship to Henderson’s attorney,” she said. “Everything would have been spoon-fed to both Jimenez and [Glenn] Silber [a producer] at ABC. I would guess that is how they got access to both McKinney and Henderson.”

    Newcomb said of Jimenez, “He’s a friend” and that the relationship was roughly two years old. Newcomb told Gay City News, “I am not an anti-gay person,” though he would not say if he is gay.

    “That’s the last thing I am going to discuss in this state,” he said, apparently referring to Wyoming. Jimenez did not respond to a call seeking comment.

  • Stache1

    @Mr. E. Jones: I think Judy Shepard sums it up quite nicely..

    “This whole thing has been a long-term publicity campaign to lessen Henderson’s legal situation. There have been two appeals and they’ve both been denied. It will be denied again.”

  • buffasiann

    I’m bummed Queerty is giving this douchebag any scrap of legitimacy. This is at best, a pathetic last ditch effort by the defense to avoid his due sentence; at worst, a shakedown by a so-called journalist. Yuck.

  • BunnyRiot

    @Mr. E. Jones: I dunno, it makes sense given the climate when it happened. Too graphic, you know? No other angle was going to be considered, period.

  • BunnyRiot

    @Deepdow: Is there anything of more social value than showing someone’s humanity? We DID create Saint Matthew when it was apparent he was not. We used him and it wasn’t bad… but at the end of it, can we let Matthew be the flawed human he was? It doesn’t change his murder. It doesn’t change that he never deserved that even if he was twerking with his tweet.

  • GlitterKidder

    What am I missing? Murder is murder, no?

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Seriously? Reporting has always been salacious, and the opportunity to paint this as a gay crime of passion involving feuding drug dealers would have been too much for reporters to walk away from, even considering the overkill involved. There was no “there” there to report on.

    The “gay panic” defense didn’t work, so now the “I’m gay so I wasn’t panicked” defense id being trotted out.

    Try again Facebook No Content Found BunnyRiot.

  • myklet

    I am repulsed by this story. Matthew is not here to defend himself. I would boycott this book……the author is trying to make blood money! Furthermore, it is no ones business if Matthew was HIV+ or not. It is not relevant to his story, and I think he should be ashamed of himself. I whole hardheartedly am disgusted with this author.

  • azzolina

    Please note that the book is self-published.

  • alterego1980

    Considering Queerty doesn’t bother to to do any critical reporting or even drawing contrasts, I thank the good people above for some of the additional information and links so that I may make an informed decision. It seems that the origins for the main themes in this book are based on a lot of heresay, rumors, and conjecture. And the potential motivations for the author are just disturbing and are a slap in the face to Shepard and his family. I hope that if the author tries in any way to promote this book in the media through interviews, the interviewer will take him to task for these dubious connections. If false, one thorough interview will surely tank him and his book. For me, I will not be buying the book, unless i am short on wood for the fireplace.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    If you go the Facebook page for this book, and read the authors “interviews” he makes it seem like this is suppose to be a parable to protect young people. It reads more like a homocon who feels the need to tut-tut gay men being gay.

  • D9W

    {Warning Sarcasm:} And we should always believe an Anonymous letters- because they are always true. PLUS, they are never meant to hurt the party which it is about or say false things, and never full of liable misinformation so to hide behind the person who sent them, own bigotry. {Not Sarcasm:} This Author is a screw up !!! He should go back to ‘Hee Haw” Girls and learn the difference between Gossip and Reality {Google Hee Haw Gossip girls}.

  • Ghstboi3

    What does it matter the boy is dead let him rest in peace.

  • casey

    The truth is the truth. Whatever the cause, pretending it isn’t is not helpful. This doesn’t take away from the brutality and the evil that his death was, but it does add another dimension.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Sadly Stephen Jimenez has had an axe to grind ever since the Shepard family turned down his request to write a movie script on the murder. Since then he has been harassing the family including 2004, when he wrote Judy telling her that his “evidence” showed Matt was a drug dealer. Then he sold the story to 20/20 and the rest is history.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    What “truth”? The truth from convicted killers? Family and friends of convicted killers? Lawyers for convicted killers? Limo drivers who lied about knowing the victim? It’s only the truth as Jimenez sees it.

  • hankscott

    Amazing story Queerty! This is why I’m one of your most avid readers. As a lifelong journalist, I’ve become used to the sorts of comments I see posted here by people who can’t believe that someone they have worshipped may have been less than an angel. As a human being, I still don’t understand why other humans can’t believe that is possible. The reality, people, is that we all are human, and we all have frailties (note that Mother Teresa has been called out for her poor treatment of the poor and homeless and the Dalai Lama, although rarely noted, is not friendly to gays). So maybe rather than ranting, you folks should buy the book, read it, and then decide. I will ….

  • ariesbear

    @7Thunders: Nor me either.

  • Tackle

    @Deepdow: I hear what you are saying. But would you rather for lies, myths and sugar coated fairy tales about someones life to be put forth over and over if that were not the truth?

    @Mr.E.Jones: As far as no drugs showing up in Matthews toxicology reports, I never stated that he used drugs into the end. And as far as him being a drug dealer, that’s news to me, and was/is made by the author.

    @Cam: No I’m def: not a gay anti-gay bigot.
    Unlike many of the posters here I don’t have a problem with the truth and flaws that some may have.
    The problem with Matthew, is that we have got ourselves into a quagmire that we cannot get out of. Painting this as a gay hate-crime when obviously it had everything to do with drugs. That being said, Matthew did not deserve what happen to him and I’m definitely not in favor of the gay panic defense or letting these guys off light. And the basic point that I made was that Before I even heard of this writer and before that 20/20 piece by Elizabeth Vargas, The people in Laramie, gay and straight alike were saying, “That Matthew was into drugs.” “Knew his killers and partied in the same circles as his killers”. This was out there before this guy even wrote this book. It’s a pity and shame that many on here can only accept with conditions,lies and false notions. And to those who are saying, ” don’t drag Matthews name through the mud.” “He’s not here to defend himself.” Or “let him rest in peace”. At first, Judy his (mother) did not want Matthew to be used in anyway. By anyone. OK…. But when she agreed to put Matthew out there as a symbol, icon, public figure or symbol for human rights/gay rights. Any public figure: dead or alive. From Jesus Christ, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and even Matthew Shepard, their life is open to scrutiny. The good as well as the bad (warts and all) will come out.

  • ariesbear

    @buffasiann: Shame on Queerty. Why the need to sensationalize everything touching on gay that comes down the pike. Especially something as questionable as this crap.

  • Gregg

    While I tend to be on the side of those taking this bio with several salt shakers, finally more information is always better than less. It hasn’t diminished his reputation to learn that the Rev Dr Martin Luther King had a healthy appetite for caucasian females. And it doesn’t follow that, if Mr Shepard was an addict and dealer, his murder is somehow less tragic. But my real issue is with the book–and with Queerty’s coverage of it as a news story. These stories were swirling around the case 14-years-ago! In fact, 20/20 (hardly MOTHER JONES) devoted an entire hour to them prior to the McKinney trial! If this passes as news here, I have a bulletin … Al Qaida just attacked the Twin Towers!

  • hankscott

    Well Gregg, the rumors may have been swirling around 14 years ago, but not among me and my friends. We’re sitting in the office talking about these stunning revelations today. The news peg here, as we say in the journo world, is the publication of a book that actually gives voice to these allegations and apparently supports them with research. Publishing mere rumors, 14 years ago or today, would have been irresponsible.

  • Stache1

    @hankscott: What’s wrong with people pointing out the BS?

    The guys clearly biased and using hearsay information from non trustworthy very biased people. You as a journalist should be even more skeptical of that. Knowing that why would anyone want to waste their money buying his crap?

    I’ve no problem with the truth and I sure don’t look at him as an angel. I’m sure he was flawed in many ways like us all. However, for me to buy someone’s book i would have to trust the source and this has BS written all over it.

  • hankscott

    Let’s see, you haven’t read the book, and thus don’t know the sources the author is using, but you are certain that he is using hearsay information from un trustworthy sources and is biased? Are you a Tea Partier?

  • Mr. E. Jones


    hankscott, go f*ck yourself. This isn’t journalism, or a “warts and all” bio about someone. This is a hatchet job by a bitter and failed screenwriter who didn’t get what he wanted from the Shepard family, so he made it his life’s work to denigrate the memory of their murdered son.

    What people like you don’t seem to understand, is that Jimenez is painting Matthew Shepard as a criminal, and one of his killers as a victim of Shepard’s criminal activity. Jimenez is saying that is Shepard and Henderson were not competing dealers, then none of this would have happened.

    So get your ass back to the marketing department of Steelforth Press and come up with a new strategy to promote this hit piece. Because vilifying a dead man is not going to work.

  • Cam


    No, the people in Laramie were not saying that. Because if they did his lawyer would have used that to get him off.

    Again, this is the typical anti-gay bigot trick. Claiming “Oh, everybody was saying that” Really? That’s funny because you can’t seem to link to anything proving it, so if there is no written proof of it, how did YOU find out about it.

    Again, nice try.

  • Cam


    ‘AAAAAAaaaannnndd ANOTHER new account to come in here defending this.

    Here’s a thought, maybe I don’t believe it because if it was true the lawyer would have brought that out immediately to avoid the death penalty phase of the case.

    Oh, and the little matter of the author not citing any solid source or facts, but you know, maybe I’m silly that way in that I figure somebody should have a source.

    Again, sorry, gay rights are moving forward fast. If you bigots wanted to try to mess up this by badmouthing Sheppard you’re about 15 years too late.

  • Deepdow

    Tackle, ugh you’re a troll of the worst kind. This book is not meant to redefine Matthew but line the pockets of a horrible author and make gay haters drool. It also makes trolls like yourself conflated reality with innuendo.

  • Hermes


    I’ve known people on Meth – I’ve never known one that could stay off it “near the end” long enough to show up clean, sorry.

    There is a web of connections here. the author happens to KNOW the defense attorney trying to get one of the killers out??? And you don’t think that’s a bit… odd? The main evidence is an anonymous letter HE found in the sealed court papers and you think that anonymous letter is enough to be considered OVER all the evidence that isn’t anonymous? You think the fact that Henderson’s friends said WELL AFTER THE TRIAL LOSS that Matthew used drugs and was a dealer and whatever with absolutely no evidence to back their claims provides a compelling proof of anything other than their own desire for Henderson’s release?

    I mean seriously? I’ve never done police work or investigative reporting, but I’ve done considerable post graduate research – and I have to tell you — equivalent evidence wouldn’t even get through the door in peer review – and I would hope that when we start considering an alteration to known history – which like it or not this would be – we would demand at LEAST that standard of evidence and not uncritically accept claims that as far as I can tell have not a scintilla of acceptable evidence to back them, no matter how long the author dug.

    I don’t happen to think any of this book has any validity, and I am applying critical thinking, reasoning, and scientific research skills to reach that conclusion. Jimenez has thrown his reputation down a toilet with a lot of serious readers by writing this drivel. Regardless, I also would like to say something to you that most people won’t – because you asked the question in such a way that the assumption is that any person won’t want to be associated with saying yes — but the answer is yes, I would MUCH rather believe in fairy tales and lies and myths and all their sugar, thank you so much for asking – and its my right — its just that in this case I don’t have to. This is truly crap being marketed to the credulous

  • Mr. E. Jones


    @Mr.E.Jones: As far as no drugs showing up in Matthews toxicology reports, I never stated that he used drugs into the end. And as far as him being a drug dealer, that’s news to me, and was/is made by the author.

    So rather than present evidence to back up the rumours you heard over a decade ago, you come here and paint a dead man as a drug user. The fact that someone who was supposedly a user had no evidence of drug use in his system means nothing to you?


    We’re sitting in the office talking about these stunning revelations today.

    hankscott is either Stephen Jimenez, or an employee of Steelforth Press. Anyone who accepts a supposedly “anonymous” letter claiming McKinney was a bisexual hustler is absurd. And presenting a limo driver who has been exposed as a liar, (claiming to know Matthew for “months” when it was actually a week before his death) demonstrates the depths Jiminez is willing to go to to paint Shepard’s murder as anything but a gay hate-crime.

    The fact that you’re defending this book, and it’s author so vehemently demonstrates you have something to gain here.

  • hankscott

    Amazing that all of you (apparently) gay people are ranting and raving about a book you haven’t read. I thought it was just the nutty far right folks who condemned things without actually looking at them (viz the Tea Party on Obamacare and whether Obama is actually a citizen). It’s okay to hate this book, but to say it’s not true or that the author hasn’t done the necessary investigation without reading what he has written? Come on folks, next you’ll be voting for Sarah Palin! We gays aren’t only supposed to be fit and stylish, we are supposed to be intelligent.

  • hankscott

    BTW, I don’t know the author. And I haven’t read the book. When I have read it, I might join the chorus of those excoriating the author and condemning the book. But I’d feel kinda of stupid to do that when I don’t know what I’m talking about. Guess I’m a minority in that regard. A

  • RomanHans

    Thank you. Mr. E. Jones. I’d heard about the book and didn’t know what to think. You’ve done a great service in providing links and unbiased information.

    As for hankscott, I agree that he must be aligned with the book. “Ranting and raving about a book you haven’t read”? Um, read the headline here: “New Book Claims Matthew Shepard Was A Meth Head, Murdered By His Bisexual Lover.” After hearing Mr. E. Jones’ argument, I don’t need to read the book to know it’s a sack of $h!t.

  • azzolina

    @Mr. E. Jones: thanks. my apologies. i will find it difficult to take seriously other titles from the press i must admit. i will read the book but I won’t buy it.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    When the author has a history of harassing a dead man’s family, and twisting the truth, (read the links I provided in comment #5) I think it’s ok to jump to conclusions about the author, his books content, and his motive. Especially when he releases the book on the 15th anniversary of that mans murder.

    Would you give Hitler’s Mein Kampf a fair judgement considering what you know about his history? Sometimes you have to take an author’s history with a subject matter into consideration when making a judgement about their motives. And there is nothing wrong with that, no matter what you think.

    By the way, hankscott–how’s doing?

  • hankscott

    WEHOville is doing well (thanks for asking :) In large measure that’s because we do things the old-fashioned way — research them thoroughly before writing about them. Again, I might read this book and agree with all of you. But to attack it without reading it? Really? And I’m not seeing how you are reading from the Gay City News articles that the author of the book is a fraud. The only one accusing him of that is Matthew Shepard’s mother and the Shepard Foundation lawyer, both of whom I am guessing have some skin in this game. A mother protesting the accusation that her son was a meth user? Quel surprise as they say in Paree.

    Also, none of those articles say that the author “has a history of harassing a dead man’s family.” Sure, Judy Shepard probably didn’t like getting emails and calls from a journalist writing about her son’s meth use. But that’s called reporting, not harassment.

    No more comments from me folks. Clearly this is a group of “believers” that isn’t going let any possible facts get in the way. BTW, what is on Fox News tonight?

  • mz.sam

    There is an excellent and sobering essay in the Advocate/Oct 2013 by Aaron Hicklin from his reviewing the book. This article brings the Matthew Shepard event into perspective no matter how one feels about the Mr. Jimenez or not having read the book yet. And as the discussion continues the truth will prevail.

  • azzolina

    by the way, the bios say Jimenez has an Emmy or imply it. For what?

  • Stache1

    @hankscott: What a vile POS you are attacking the Mother. She’s already admitted that she knows her son was doing Meth. For you to say she’s covering this up because of $ or whatever makes you even worse then this Jimenez character.

    Then again I’m probably already talking to Jimenez. What a jack ass.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Glad is doing well. I was worried you might ruin it like you OUT magazine–making it a gay male “lifestyle” magazine, and moving it away from the LGBTQ political magazine that made it popular.

    As for your “old fashioned” research, does that include this article:

    Let’s see of the “old fashioned” research you did into this article:

    We know enacting such legislation isn’t going to get the boys at Micky’s all excited. And it probably won’t have KTLA, KTTV and KCBS trucks lined up outside City Hall.

    Lots of research went into that, Hank?

    I’m glad you’re leaving, but somehow I can’t see it happening. Men like you love the look of your words in print, so you’ll keep coming back. You won’t have any facts to back up your defense of this book, or it’s author, but you’ll keep making comments, Hank. It’s just your nature.

  • Stache1

    @hankscott: FYI Hankscott/Jiminez. Exert from an interview she did..

    TM: Did Matt seek treatment for his crystal meth use? Were you aware of Matthew’s crystal meth use?

    JS: I was. I only know that he did meth, but I don’t think he did it in Laramie. He went there to get away from that. He had lived in Denver and I know he was using there but I don’t know how much. He left Denver to get away from it.

    TM: If meth was involved in Matthew’s death, what does it change?

    JS: I really wish the world could focus on the fact that my son was killed. Henderson is not a victim…Henderson is now claiming he is a victim? I find it interesting that McKinney was more remorseful for involving Henderson than he was for killing Matt.

  • azzolina

    by the way, the bios say Jimenez has an Emmy or imply it. For what? Googling him doesn’t get a lot of primary information about him; rather it gets information about him and the book or his relationship to the 20/20 segment.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    I think the comments at the end of that article are far more pertinent than the article itself.

    The only telling part of that article is this:

    Jimenez is less interested in that kind of social analysis, but what’s striking throughout his book is how desperate McKinney is to refute allegations that he is gay or bisexual — even at the expense of undermining his own case.

    Jimenez is desperate to make McKinney a gay, or bisexual man. Why?

  • Deepdow

    Some of you people don’t have the light in your hearts. Sad. You’re demons.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Apparently he won an Emmy for the 20/20 hit piece. His entire career has hinged on denigrating Matthew Shepard. Yet some posters here don’t seem to understand why that seems bizarre to the rest of us.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    By the way mz.sam–why did you post this exact same comment on Toweroad at the same time as you posted it here? What benefit do you have in promoting that Advocate article? Maybe it’s tinfoil hat time, but could you be Aaron Hicklin? Could you be associated with Stephen Jimenez? A lot of new people showing up here and defending this author and his book.

  • madman

    good point E Jones. i bet mz.sam and hankscott are not even Americans. probably born in Indonesia. let’s ask fir their passports!

  • fredhotman

    How to achieve undeserved fame is by inventing stories after 20 years.
    It is totally immaterial to bring forth other unproven inventive assumptions, when one has to consider the horrific,brutal way this young man died. Is this an excuse to exonerate a brutal murderer and elevate Stephen Jimenez ?????

  • Hermes

    @hankscott: Look, the first time I was willing to be polite — this time I’m not. This author has NOT DONE due research. He can’t do due research. Why? There is nothing to research on. There is hearsay that didn’t get bandied about until years after the fact. There is an anonymous letter – which would be inadmissible in any court and pathetic in actual research. He can make guesses and guesses don’t count anywhere that critical thinking does. Furthermore his past writing indicates that he is determined to make Matthew Shepard’s death to be anything but an anti-gay hate crime. Let me note I have done postgraduate (doctoral) level research in significant amounts, I have also done significant amounts of work on grants obtained by our institution. There is nothing that this author has said before or now regarding Matthew Shepard that merits serious consideration – because there is nothing but smoke and mirrors backing it. Like the accusations against the President that you mention, its bogus. Like Paul Cameron’s work, like the Bell Curve (whose author I have corresponded with), like Scott Lively’s “work” (whom I have debated by email) like the work of others who, for whatever reason hate some group or for some other reason want to discredit them or discredit some member of them, its not worth the paper its printed on – it wouldn’t matter if he were writing such a meaningless screed about Pat Robertson – if he had the same evidence, I would say the same thing. Though you don’t know me at all, trust me that my defending Pat Robertson from any accusation would stun most of my closest friends — but that’s exactly how bad the research on this piece is. An anonymous letter? That and a couple of bucks will get you a small coffee.

  • Jawsch

    I’m all for finding out the truth but in all honesty, what will this “truth” (if it is that, or can even be called that) DO. What will it change? What will it solve?

    It won’t DO anything but give those with an agenda against the LGBT Community ammunition to say “See, all these years you were wrong. Your entire movement was based on a lie”. It won’t “solve” anything. It only aims to hurt people.

    Why, so many years later, is this just now coming out?
    Had it honestly been true back when he first started his nonsense, it likely would have garnered more steam since, during this time, the majority of America was still largely anti-LGBT anything.

    Fact of the matter is, this whole incident helped bring to light an often forgotten truth about America, especially rural America that even holds true today. That LGBT people are often beaten and murdered usually without any media coverage and without anyone ever knowing the truth. Growing up in a small town in KY, I came close to it a few times myself at the hands of my “Christian” classmates and sometimes at my own hands.

    I don’t care if it is true or not, at this point what difference does it make if it is?

    So why is he so bent on spreading it?

  • Hermes

    @Deepdow: What on earth does that even mean? That you think we have middle eastern bronze age spirits of evil in our bodies? Well, no – that’s just plain nonsense.

  • dbmyers

    @Mr. E. Jones: Thank you for posting these three links. You do us all a service, making it much easier to see through this sham “reporter’s” tactics.

  • etseq

    What is it with Queerty, Out, and the Advocate? Why are they promoting this guy? That Hicklin article in the Advocate was the worst thing I think I have ever read that wasn’t written by Andrew Sullivan. He didn’t bother to do any research, he didn’t present a rebuttal from the Shepards – he seemed way more interested in proving one of the killers was bisexual. It was almost like he was jizzing in his pants the entire article.

    I know why Sullivan is pushing this angle – Sullivan is a homocon who doesn’t believe in Hate Crime laws so this is a sleazy way of undermining the signature case that got the law enacted, It’s typical Sullivan. I’m not sure of Hicklin’s politics but he seems to buy into Sullivan’s whole “end of gay culture/post-gay” white privileged view so maybe thats it.

    It’s really disgusting.

  • mito718

    I am really upset .. No matter what the events were I suspected as much ..Since most hate crimes come out of unfounded fears the people who commit them usually are fighting their own sexual feelings .. Not and excuse for what happen .. This Book I would never buy makes no difference … The guy who wrote is just out to make $$$ And I think The is insult to all who advocate against Hate crimes … There is no Validity to the claim .. The Crime was committed and Should be punish to the full extent of the laws .. enough is been written .. Hate crimes continue world wide why don’t we focus more Liberty and equality for all Humans no matter race gender or sexual preference.. Society has a log way to go yet and this just clouds what is really important …

  • Dxley

    OMFG!!! The queens are still at it

  • kevininbuffalo

    What a bunch of hysterical freakin queens! No one has read this book because it won’t be available till Sept. 24th. Yet you all have your knickers in a knot. Why? Because the author dares to go against gay orthodoxy. The Gay community used Shepard because he was a pretty boy from a privileged background. He became the poster boy because he could melt a mother’s heart and made the perfect victim. If he had been a poor, fat, black transvestite
    no one ever would have heard of him. Grow up you stupid silly bastards. The truth will make you free.
    If you’ll only allow yourself to hear it.

  • the other Greg

    It’s easy. How many tattoos does this guy have?

    If he has even one, he has an IQ less than 70.

    If he has more than one, he’s a retard and should be in an asylum. (Too bad Reagan shut down all the asylums.)

  • Hermes

    @kevininbuffalo: I’m a lot of things, one of them has never been a queen. However, one doesn’t need to have read a book/article/whatever to know whether or not it has any legitimacy IF one knows the research methods used. Those have been announced. Try getting a peer reviewed article published using the research methods this man did. Hearsay? Anonymous unsupported notes? Seriously? Even the worst articles (Regenerus for example) that are published in journals TO BE USED against the gay community have at least a veneer of real research. This doesn’t. I find nothing hysterical about calling it what it is. If the man knows anything about actual research, and released those as his methods (and he did) then he knew what was coming and hoped that the outrage at totally false research would push book sales.


  • Stache1

    @Dxley: Sweety this is a post for the big boys. Go back to your celebrity commenting on who’s ugly or whatever.

  • Stache1

    @the other Greg: Somehow I’m sure it makes sense to you but ….Lol

  • Stache1

    @kevininbuffalo: Now Kevin. Talking about hysterical. Is it your full time job to turn everything into an issue about race?

  • Mr. E. Jones


    The Gay community used Shepard because he was a pretty boy from a privileged background.

    James Byrd Jr. would disagree. If he were alive.

  • TommyBr

    Thank you, good people who are denouncing this book you have not read. The Blessed Matthew, like all of us reading this reading this, never ever used drugs once in his spotless life because that would be unforgivable. Ask his mother, the Blessed Judy, if you want to know anything about his personal life. Just like our mothers know everything about our personal lives, right?

  • Hermes

    @TommyBr: OK – now having spewed your anti-Episcopalian rant — what is your point? Do you question my analysis of the research? I repeat, knowing the research methods and evidence used, both freely shared by the author, is enough to tell me, and I am experienced in high level research – that it has nothing to stand on and would never pass peer review if someone tried to publish the same material in a professional journal — so… what more is to be said? You want to argue that its valid research, show real sources, not anonymous letters. Show sworn statements given in court, not rumor after the decision. You want validity, at the very least start with a sworn statement from the murderer whose lawyer is friends with the author that in fact a homosexual relationship was ongoing between the two. No such things exist. This is crumb dredging at a level that would be rejected not only in professional research, but even in the lowest denominator of UFOology. So why, before taking what has been publicly announced and clearly denouncing it for what it is – fraudulent garbage, would I reward the author for such drivel by giving him money and purchasing the book? Why?

  • etseq

    @Mr. E. Jones: This is typical resentment politics, which is the worst kind because they know just enough to be stupid but have no idea of the real history behind hate crimes laws. It also reflects a deeper homophobia of some of the left who go out of their way to pit racial minorities against sexual minorities and engage is divisive oppression Olympics.

  • Tim

    I totally agree with Kevin: “one of the first of its kind to gain major media attention and put a spotlight on the nationwide epidemic of anti-gay violence”

    Wonder why that is? Let’s see white, blonde hair, blue eyes, YOUNG, extremely thin, light skin…sounds like nothing that would appeal to the gay community ;)I’m sorry as terrible as this hate crime is this is clearly the gay equivalent to the AMBER ALERT and it keeps getting attention because of that. You think if he were a few shades darker a few pounds heavier or a few years older that Shepard would be one of the biggest martyr’s in the history of gay hate crimes? Hate crimes happen all the time and this one just so happens to be the one that has gotten the most attention of ALL OF THEM? HMMM! It’s no coincidence.

  • etseq

    @Tim: Besides Oppression Olympics trolling, your point is? How is being white, etc. related to the tabloid gossipy book this article is about? That’s how the world works – its a symptom of systemic racism that society still needs to overcome – but in the meantime whats the alternative? Restrict the definition of hate crime victims to some internet social justice warrior panel that decides only Mixed race, asexual, differently abled, polygamous, otherkin count?

  • ShowMeGuy


  • Tackle

    @Hermes: I also happen to know a little about research & peer review and you’re being a bit disingenuous. Dr. Robert Gallo bypassed peer review and was able to to get many articles published in professional prestigious medical journals (about HIV/AIDS). And his early HIV test kit was not presented to peer review .You seem to think that by passing peer review & getting that stamp of approval, is some indication it was a job/work that is without fault, just perfect. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Corruption is everywhere. And many times big pharma playes a hand as to who & what gets a pass. Kickbacks. Favors and researchers being bought is common. And I want to ask you, that since you are so sure that Matthew was the victim of a gay hate crime, what proof do you have? And based upon your research methods, could you pass peer review to make it official?

  • Rob

    Lots of interesting “The ends justify the means” comments. At least Mussolini made the trains run on time, eh? Some are clutching their pearls that Jiminez will be making money from this book. How much has Gay Inc. made off of their “martyr”?

  • EvonCook

    @Charlie in Charge: Truth is always more complicated and ultimately unknowable, but this seems like one more person cashing in and abusing a victim and beautiful person.

  • EvonCook

    @Mr. E. Jones: Thanks, even in our own community there are users and abusers.

  • EvonCook

    @Tackle: Sorry, but this is mud raking and totally scurrilous, even if it has an small element of possibility or even an ounce of truth, so what? –except to smear Matthew’s reputation and the life already beaten out of him. This is not revelatory journalism, it is personal and morbid fascination and parasitical self promotion. One book I would never buy or read.

  • EvonCook

    @Tackle: Tackle, maybe you should stop being so gullible and look where these allegations or claims are coming from. Your moralizing and sermonizing are a little stupid when these are totally unsubstantiated rumors and claims by very guilty parties to distract from their inhumanity, absolve their motives and wiggle out of their punishment. No one said Matthew was perfect and a saint, just a young and beautiful boy who did not deserve to die and is certainly a symbol of ugly brutality, human cruelty and hate. If drugs were involved they even add greed to the crime and absolve nothing. This is not a new truth or some revealing insight, it is manipulation and cheap amateur psychoanalysis for commercialization sake of a horrific anti-gay slaying. Shame on anyone who defends it without a shred of actual proof or independent investigation.

  • EvonCook

    @etseq: Thanks for bringing up Sullivan is really an enemy of gay people and the movement and has capitalized on it himself for most of his embarrassing career.

  • EvonCook

    @kevininbuffalo: Wow, you really are weird. Hope you are as “open minded” about issues that involve your interests and life. And what does denigrating Matthew or us because he wasn’t black have to do with the price of tea in China? You are working some strange personal agendas into this yourself and your hostility or suspicions are making you pretty gullible.

  • EvonCook

    @TommyBr: Honestly, you “open mined” people are getting stupider and stupider. You create an exaggerated straw man to skewer and then think you think you’ve made some kind of intelligent or defensive point? No one has said Matthew was perfect as if that mattered, so please don’t put words in our mouths. And, yes, maybe he has been adored because he was a beautiful boy –no apologies there either. And no one is denying any truth that is proven, but no new “truth” whatsoever is going to have one iota to do with the savageness of the murder, the guilt of the perpetrators or the symbolism of a young life tragically lost. That is the bottom line.

  • grethomory

    Everybody’s got a damned lawyer and a book deal. I’m sick of people having a platform to make up lies. I don’t care what the kid did or had done…it was no reason to kill him.

  • shle896

    Complete B.S. to sell a book. I can’t believe anybody is actually taking the “author” seriously. It’s disgusting, especially to call a murdered young man a “meth head”, as if he deserved to be brutally tortured to death because of it. F**k you!

  • Dxley

    I seriously don’t know why you’re all still on this. Blond Ambition is dead, it’s sad, but life goes on.
    Why does it have to be “it’s because he was white with a privileged background”.
    Does it all have to be about race? Grow the fuck up!!!

  • Tim

    Because these kind of homophobic hate crimes happen all the time and every one of them needs to be put in the spotlight and not just be nitpicked based on someone’s appearance. With all this antibullying PC sensitivity going on in the media lately you’d think every homophobic crime would be treated like another Matthew Shepard case. There are so many faceless victims out there that need to be seen and shown as human beings with family and friends and being loved no matter how fugly or dark or GOD FORBID in the gay community FAT they are. We have the whole Equality Equal signs on out on our bumpers especially with marriage equality. Why do we have to fight to get our friends and family members who’ve been victims of hate crimes to get the smallest bit of attention when the media could be focusing on EVERYONE being victimized and showing what’s really going on. It may not be a pretty site but it’ll make waves if it happen to a pretty twink.

  • etseq

    @Tim: And what does that have to with the lies in this book? I just don’t understand where all this rage toward Matt is coming from? It’s like he is somehow now a scapegoat for all the real and/or imagined faults with the gay community. The one thing I have learned from these comments is that there are alot of anger and righteousness combined with little intelligence, reason, or constructive arguments.

    Also, this subject is quickly becoming the gay version of “Obama is a muslim” or “Bush secretly caused 9/11” You cannot reason with crazy conspiracies – its like a religious faith that more emotion than reason.

  • Tim

    It’s nothing toward him personally. I say let him rest in peace but that’s the problem. It’s because of the fact that the media liked his look and pushed him toward martyr status that people are coming out or the woodwork and spreading lies. They want the attention because they knew how massive the media MADE the Matthew Shepard tragedy and use it to make them money. Had it been any other poor kid who got little attention for being gay bashed no one would want to capitalize. The prick creating these rumors or lies is to blame but so is the media. Yes it did deserve attention of course but like I said so do all of these gay bullying or bashing type tragedies but for God’s sake treat him like a human, not a martyr, not a poster child and in the same breath like a human yes he made mistakes, but let it all go already and let him be in peace. It’s just like the media to bring someone down like this by even promoting the book after practically making him a saint.

  • etseq

    @Tim: So you have no real arguments – you just want to complain about the media. Well, I guess thats better than trashing Matt…

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Another CONTENT NOT FOUND Facebook poster. Go troll elsewhere, Tim.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Another CONTENT NOT FOUND Facebook poster. Go troll elsewhere, Rob.

  • Tackle

    @EvonCook: Moralizing & sermonizing? You seem to be doing it more then anyone here. And couldn’t one say that there are unsubstantiated rumors and claims that it was a gay hate crime?? Where is the proof that it was a gay hate crime. Can you provide any? And you and others who are such stunch supporters of Matthew refuse to answer the question: If this had happend to a poor Black kid who as you put it, was not a, (beautiful boy). An Asian kid. Non-White Hispanic kid. An older gay man,or a trans person, would you seriously have 10 post up here defending someone you don’t know?? Some of us know that with you and other posters, that sympathy & empathy is only reserved and displayed for certain types…

    @Cam: Yes the people in Laremie were saying just that. These clams have been around for 15 years. Soon afer Matthew was killed. If they have been around that long, then someone was saying them. And it sure wasen’t the people in Hawaii, New York oo Boston. It was right there in Laremie. And just because the Lawyer choose not to use that info, does not mean it was not around. Nice try…

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Where is the proof that it was a gay hate crime. Can you provide any?

    The police, the DA’s and the killers own girlfriends already provided that proof.

    If this had happend to a poor Black kid…An Asian kid. Non-White Hispanic kid. An older gay man,or a trans person, would you seriously have 10 post up here defending someone you don’t know??

    Ask James Byrd Jr. Oh that’s right, he was murdered in a hate crime too. Or will you deny that murder was hate based as well?

    Yes the people in Laremie were saying just that. These clams have been around for 15 years.

    Where is the proof. Can you provide any?

  • Raymond

    I don’t care! Matthew was murdered and tied to a fence. and left for dead.

  • Jerry12

    Having lived through the events of Matthew’s murder, This attempt to profit from a boy’s torturous murder is disgusting. I hope no one buys a copy.

  • etseq

    @Mr. E. Jones: Tackle is either a troll or a very bad publicist for the author….

  • Tackle

    @Mr.E.Jones: The police and their report is no sign of proof. The police are not judge & jury. Their job is take statements & gather information. People often time lie when giving statements for a police report. And the DA, many DA’s have gotten a guilty person off based on weak or lack of evidence from the other side. Ask James Bird?? What a way to avoid the question. Well James is dead so I can’t ask him. But you cannot seriously believe that the gay community holds James in the same light as Matthew? Ifat’s the case, then I see that you and Matthew have something in common. And about people in Laremie saying that for the past 15yrs. Well you have a computer like I do. So type it in & look it up. And I almost forgot. About the testimony of the girls. It’s funny how you can take and accept their first testimony as fact. But completely reject their what they said latet. So when something is in Matthews favor, you’re all for it. And let that person change their testimony and admit they lied, then you don’t want to hear it. Give yourself a pat on the back…

  • Mr. E. Jones


    So everyone is wrong and a liar–the witnesses, the cops, the courts–everyone except you; right Tackle?

    But you cannot seriously believe that the gay community holds James in the same light as Matthew?

    Considering the bill that created a federal hate crimes act was called the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, then yes, I do think the gay community hold these murdered men in the same regard.

    If you have online proof that people were saying 15 years ago that Shepard was a drug using dealer who know his killers, then provide the links here for everyone to see.

    And let that person change their testimony and admit they lied, then you don’t want to hear it.

    They changed their testimony when it the appeals were filed. If they were lying on the witness stand, according to you, then why should we believe their stories off the witness stand? If they’re willing to lie in court, on record, why would they be willing to tell the truth out of court, in front of TV cameras?

    I’m not sure why you hate Matthew Shepard and his memory so much, but I’m sure it has something to do with either promoting this book, or defending his killers.

  • that_dude247

    Of course he wasn’t innocent as he has been made out to be, but the boy is dead…so who cares.

  • that_dude247

    Of course he wasn’t as innocent as he has been made out to be, but the boy is dead…so who cares.

  • mz.sam

    @that_dude247: Who cares??….just look at the list of comments, and then some.

  • Raquel Santiago

    What a crock of shit. I done an extensive research paper on this when i was in City College, i researched every aspect possible and this was not even possible and not there at all. While yes, it was possible that Matthew experimented with drugs (who the hell hasnt in the LGBTQQYIA community), to now come out and try to play this card by Stephen Jiminez is an insult to both Matthew Shephard, his family and all they have gone through and I hope they sue the hell out of him for slander and libel. I see a few gag orders coming and I hope that Jiminez gags on his own book. Im sorry I dont usually like to bash people but this really pissed me off.

  • Derek Williams

    Whatever the truth is, we need to hear it, but we also need Shepard as an icon for what happens to gay people, tarnished or not.

  • jungle bewolf

    After hearing of such book that has been written about Matthew Shepard I have decided to write my own, since I was a good aquaintence of Matthew. There is so many details I feel has been left out of this book. I dont think I want to read the book until I finish writing my story so his book will have no influence on what I have to share.
    There is things that I have read so far that I know not to be true or slightly changed but I believe without reading many facts about Mathew has not been told, specially from the perspective of Matthew who vocalized many things to me just prior to his death. I was probably one of the last people to see Matthew.
    McKinney was not a bi-sexual lover to Matthew, he was signal but McKinney did exchange sex for drugs with Matthew. I witnessed evidence of this at a club Matthew use to go to, coming in with McKenny.
    There is so many things I know about this situation that never came out, I tried to discuss with media but they didnt want the story going that way. I actually was the first interview every done on this story, local news and hard copy at the time. But the truth wasnt told.
    Just prior to his death Matthew and I had serious discussions about the on goings in his life, he was a very depressed man. He spoke of the ills in his relations with his mother, he also spoke of his depression to the point of taking his life at times.
    McKenny actually showed up at the bar in a bloody shirt saying he got in a fight with a friend, I was never questioned by the police. He told me he was in a fight with a friend.
    The one thing about his book I believe that is true is the fact the media took on its own entity with the story. There is so many characters to this story that were involved before, during and after. The lemo driver….hmmm that was a bigone, he actually came to me and said I am making money, keep your mouth shut James
    For some reason I was just compelled to write some comment on this because this had greatly impacted my life emotionally for many years because of the truth and not the true story told.

  • jungle bewolf

    I did make attempts to share my story but I was either threaten, called names for being a liar. After this book came out several friends contacted me saying James did you have a part of writing this, I said NO. I always knew this was not a hate crime, even though I tried to share my story nobody was interested in hearing different. If it was a hate crime like said why would McKenny show up at the bar in a bloody shirt, was very non threating me in anyway, actually looked like a beatin puppy not knowing which direction to go.

  • etseq

    @jungle bewolf: You sound about as credible as Jimenez. What is it about the internet that brings out these bizarre trolls? Conspiracy theories run amuck..

  • jungle bewolf

    My story is no conspiracy theory that was made up, I was the door man that worked the club Matthew and McKenny came in. There is an article in the LA times with my quotes on this story, a hard copy interview and channel 9 news out of Denver. I was the first one at the hospital to deliver flowers to the hospital before the story ever went big and did the first interview that morning before the world ever heard of Matthew. One thing Matthew didnt like was being called Matt, Matthew made a clear statement to me, “I only go by Matthew not Matt so I prefer you to call me Matthew” Also his thoughts on drug and alcohol his quote to me “I only drink Tanqueray and Tonic”. And he did admit about exchanging drugs for sex with McKenny but as far as I knew Matthew didnt use. But the most powerful thing that Matthew ever said to me was this and I would take any lie detector test anyone wants to throw at me on his last quotes to me. He gave me a hug, said love you James as he stepped out the door he turned to me finishing a conversation that we had, making this statement which haunts me to this day. “James I will accomplish more when I am dead than what I could ever do alive. Good night” Our conversation was about politics and gay rights just prior to his quote to me because Matthew was very political.
    To you it may sound as if I am some Conspiracy theorists bizarre troll but I am use to that I have been hearing negative comments since Matthew had died and the story broke out and use to being called liar on this subject. I dont believe in name calling but if it makes one feel better by all means do so but then that makes you no better than someone calling another a name like faggot to a gay person. I know what I heard, I know what I saw and what part of Matthews life I was prior to his death. I have shared this story with friends for many of years way before this book ever came out and why I was asked by numerous friends if I had any part of writing it.

  • abnerbha

    If Stephen Jimenez had been an FRC journalist, he would likely have been condemned as 1 of those Christians but Stephen Jimenez is a gay journalist. While gay groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated, that is incidental-main reason gay groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was.

    Methew W. Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for this when he was 15 years old-Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentioned this near end of book-he interviewed a Casper Wyoming cop and a relative of 1 of victims. But Judy L. Shepard and the Shepard Foundation omits this ugly truth of Methew W. Shepard being a child molester and it would not surprise me if ex Casper Star Tribune journalists Tiffany C. Hunt, Kerry A. Drake and JC Marsden know this but left this out in that I find it hard to believe these 3 Casper Wyoming journalists did not know about Methew W. Shepard molesting 8 year old boys when he was 15 years old because Stephen Jimenez found this in court records and again, Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentioned this near end of book as most of the book was about the 3 people, A.J. McKinney’s problems, Methew W. Shepard’s life and problems and of course the drug problems. Incidentally, it’s possible that Methew W. Shepard had molested more boys other than the 2 case reported to cops. Both JC Marsden & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard selling drugs and molesting children so their view is rubbish.

  • abnerbha

    Spoke with Heather Ann Feeney on September 2, 2015. She works for Idaho Bureau of Land Management. When I told her ugly truths of Methew W. Shepard being a drug junky who possibly was a drug dealer, along with facts about Methew W. Shepard molesting 2 boys when he was 15 years old which he got counseling for, Heather Ann Feeney talked of how she doesn’t work in media anymore, that it was a long time ago & that she now works for Federal Govt.-admit I got rude by calling Heather A. Feeney menopausal. Heather Ann Feeney does vigil for a child molester & drug junky Methew W. Shepard, who possibly was a drug dealer.

    Heather Ann Feeney-there should be a vigil for the boys who Methew W. Shepard molested when he was 15 years old & got counseling for. Must wonder the drugs Heather Ann Feeney uses, as Methew W. Shepard wasn’t a nice man as Heather A. Feeney implies. In August 1998, 2 months before his death, Methew W. Shepard falsely accused a Cody bartender of sex abuse, after the bartender DEFENDED himself. Methew W. Shepard was drunk (possibly high on drugs)that night, was harassing the bartender to have sex with him in a parking lot & bartender hit him in sel-defense. It’s a crime to have sex in parking lots. Methew W. Shepard was a junky who used Meth & other drugs like cocaine, pot, etc. in addition to anti-depressants so he was a junky. Methew W. Shepard’s a drunkard, junky who took Meth.

    Heather Ann Feeney politely said that she no longer works in media & guess she doesn’t like that some of us find ugly truths she & other journalists left out when they covered Methew W. Shepard. Heather A. Feeney knows that while she’s no longer a journalist, when she comments on cases such as Methew W. Shepard, there will be some who will tell ugly truths she left out. Guess also that Heather A. Feeney’s so used to getting those who accept what most media says about Methew W. Shepard, that when people call her to tell ugly truths media about Methew W. Shepard, she doesn’t want to talk because she doesn’t know how to reply to people who don’t share her thinking & tell facts she left out.

    We should care more about the 2 boys who Methew W. Shepard molested because getting murdered doesn’t change truth that Methew W. Shepard was a child molester, drug junky & possibly a drug dealer. We will use our free speech right to tell ugly truths about Methew Wayne Shepard which Heather Ann Feeney & other journalists omit, esp. when Heather Ann Feeney does a vigil for a child molester & drug junky Methew W. Shepard. Heather Ann Feeney thinks it’s OK for gays to molest children & possibly Heather Ann Feeney is a drug junky as Heather Ann Feeney cares so much for child molester, drug junky Methew W. Shepard who possibly was a drug dealer himself.

    I haven’t plead his 2 killers cases other than say that the 2nd man R.A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial & a jury should have decided what to convict him on. Prosecutor could argue why it’s Murder 1, defense can argue why it’s lesser charge of 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter & then jury decides-that is as far as I go with his case is saying he should have gotten a jury trial. R.A. Henderson’s case should be reviewed again on appeal because he wanted a jury trial.

    Let’s look @ what we do know about Methew W. Shepard. No matter why the murder happened, the idea that A.J. McKinney and Methew W. Shepard were strangers who did not know eachother until that day is rubbish. There are many witnesses-Doc O’ Connor’s ex girlfriend, Elaine Baker (bartender), M.K. Rohrbacher (drug dealer), Tristan (Ted) Henson (Methew W. Shepard’s former lover) & others who saw them together.

    There are too many witnesses who saw both men together. Of course the witnesses can only say they saw them together and can not know it all. It’s not believed Methew W. Shepard knew the 2nd man (R.A. Henderson) and I agree with Stephen Jimenez that Russell A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial. Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez Stephen Jimenez’s evidence are 1st party witnesses he interviewed-over 100 of them over 13 years.

    I don’t think Methew W. Shepard should have been killed but it is truth that Methew W. Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for this when he was 15 years old-Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentioned this near end of book-he interviewed a Casper Wyoming cop and a relative of 1 of victims. But Judy L. Shepard and the Shepard Foundation omits this ugly truth of Methew W. Shepard being a child molester and it would not surprise me if ex Casper Star Tribune journalists Tiffany C. Hunt, Kerry A. Drake and JC Marsden know this but left this out in that I find it hard to believe these 3 Casper Wyoming journalists did not know about Methew W. Shepard molesting 8 year old boys when he was 15 years old because Stephen Jimenez found this in court records and again, Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentioned this near end of book as most of the book was about the 3 people, A.J. McKinney’s problems, Methew W. Shepard’s life and problems and of course the drug problems. Incidentally, it’s possible that Methew W. Shepard had molested more boys other than the 2 case reported to cops. Both JC Marsden & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard selling drugs and molesting children so their view is rubbish.

    Methew W. Shepard associating with drug dealers in both Wyoming and Colorado is not disputable. Methew W. Shepard went into bars where drugs were sold and he did associate with drug dealers-we know that he went to bars named Tornado, Ranger, Library & other bars in Wyoming and Colorado where drugs were sold. Methew W. Shepard’s friend Tina LaBrie expressing concerns about Methew W. Shepard’s drug and $ problems. We know that Methew W. Shepard was having $ problems (spending so much on limosuine rides in Doc O’ Connor’s limousine).
    Methew W. Shepard’s a junky (proven fact), drunkard and had money problems. Sheriff O’Malley has said that if Methew W. Shepard sold drugs, the cops would have known which is dishonest-Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. R.J. DeBree know cops don’t always catch all the criminals and that many drug dealers escape detection. Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree have arrested drug dealers and they know how it’s the family and friends who get surprised after they learn some1 they know is a drug dealer.

    Sheriff David S. O’Malley and Sgt. Robert J. DeBree know that it’s unlikely MW. Shepard told his friends and family that he was a drug dealer, and even if Methew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling.
    Now was Methew W. Shepard’s assocation with drug dealers and going into bars where drugs were sold more than buying drugs ? Was Methew W. Shepard a drug dealer or a drug courier? Stephen Jimenez thinks so and he believes it was the Denver circle. No, Stephen Jimenez does not know it all but his conclusions are sincere and honest. While homosexual groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated and possibly not a hate crime, that is incidental-main reason homosexual groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was. You don’t always know the secrets friends and family have. If a person is a drug dealer, then they are usually not going to tell their friends and family that they do this.

    Even if Metthew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for it. Laramie Project, Shepard Foundation & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard selling drugs and molesting children so their view is rubbish.

  • abnerbha

    @Raquel Santiago: JUDY L. SHEPARD AND HER OTHER SON LOGAN P. SHEPARD ARE BOTH FAT & THEY GOT FAT GETTING RICH FROM EXPLOITING THEIR SON AND BROTHER FOR MONEY Metthew Wayne Shepard (1976-1998) was not the innocent as he has been portrayed by Laramie Project or films like Shepard is a Friend of Mine. Metthew Wayne Shepard was a junky who assoc. with drug dealers in both Colorado & Wyoming, was possibly a drug dealer himself (Methew Wayne Shepard could also possibly have been a drug courier or a lookout, but whether or not he was a drug dealer he did assoc. with drug dealers) & when he was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting 2 boys & he got counseling by Natrona County Juvenile Court for molesting 2 boys. Metthew Wayne Shepard had himself been a victim of child molestation by 3 different people when he was a boy & if he had not been a victim of homosexual pedophiles would he have turned out straight instead of gay?

  • ErikO

    This is old news, and it’s true that Matt Shephard was into meth, addicted to it, probably sold it in small quantities, was a male prostitute, was HIV+, as a teenager he molested two young boys, knew his killers as they would use meth and have sex together, and he was killed over owing money or to get rid of a dealer (him) in a competitive small town, and not because he was gay. But despite being a tweaker he did not deserve to die this way.

  • ErikO

    @jungle bewolf: Get real, Matt was an alcoholic, and addicted to meth. He also enjoyed cocaine and heroin. He was a prostitute and wound up HIV+, and he did know his killers and had sex with Aaron. You are correct however that he did want to become the poster boy for gay rights or thought of himself as a professional victim; but did sexually abuse two boys as a teenager which is sick, but he did not deserve to be murdered over drugs or money.

  • ErikO

    @Mr. E. Jones: You’re the one that’s full of shit. If you talk to people who actually knew Matthew Shephard and were friends/drug buddies with him, and who are from Laramie Wyoming you’ll find out that he was killed not because he was gay but because he was a meth dealer, owed money, and he was not killed by total strangers or gay bashed. Matt had sex with the one killer Aaron and was a male prostitute with Aaron, and Shephard wound up HIV+, and as a teenager sexually abused two kids. But despite being a tweak addict, male prostitute, small time meth dealer, HIV+ person, and pedo he did not deserve to be murdered.

  • ErikO

    @Tackle: That’s very true. I heard these facts about Matthew Shepard not long after he was killed by people who actually knew him, and long before this book was published or Jiminez started interviewing Matt’s killers.

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