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New Nasal Spray Promises to Turn Your Gay Boyfriend Into Someone Who Cares

Oxytocin, the hormone heavily released in women during and after childbirth, and orgasm, can supposedly turn regular dudes into ladyboys. “Researchers in Germany sprayed oxytocin in the noses of 24 men and then showed them emotionally charged images of a crying child, a girl hugging her cat and a grieving man. Their reactions were compared with those of men who had not received the spray. The empathy expressed by the men who had been sprayed with oxytocin was so high it was on a par with what would normally be expected of women.” [Telegraph]

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  • Nickadoo

    As opposed to Axe Body Spray, which I imagine carries the scent of women faking an orgasm.

  • Mike L.

    @Nickadoo: Oh Sht good one!

    When is this coming out on sale, want for pranks.

  • edgyguy1426

    we ought to pipe this thru the next G.O.P and Tea Party rallies before we introduce equality legislation

  • Mike L.

    OMG just realized this could be used as some sort of Anger Management Hormone Therapy for ppl with such problems.


  • Wilson

    Oh yeah, that’s what I want a Nancy Boy. – Not – but I could see this having a new life in Budweiser, haha.

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