NEWS: UK Spy Agency Gay-Friendly, IL Ramps Up Marriage Equality, Brooklyn Hosts LGBT Wedding Expo, And More!

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It’s almost Thirsty Thursday, and we’re sure you’re hungry for some breaking news. Today: a private military contractor pays a six-figure settlement to an employee who was called gay, Baltimore considers pro-trans protections, and some intelligence on the spies who loved us.

*Brooklyn is hosting its first-ever gay-marriage expo this Sunday. Soon gay people will have their own currency. [Brooklyn Paper]

*DynCorp has been ordered to pay $155,000 to harassed employee James Friso, who was working for the private military contractor in Iraq. Friso was called gay by a co-worker because he didn’t consider Friso manly enough, even though he was married to a woman. DynCorp transferred Friso… and he sued. [Advocate]

*MI5, the UK’s domestic spy agency, has been named one of the country’s most homo-friendly companies. We could make a Spy Who Shagged Me joke here, but we won’t. [AP]

steven-davies*A gay activist from the United Arab Emirates considers openly gay cricket player Steven Davies (left) an inspiration. Davies plays in the UAE for England’s Test Squad. [BBC]

*Good morning, Baltimore! County councilmember Tom Quirk plans to introduce legislation protecting transgender people from discrimination. [Baltimore Sun]

*Pro-gay Illinois lawmakers have begun meetings to lay groundwork for marriage equality in the state. The bill could be introduced as early as next year. [HuffPo]

*Could Rick Santorum be chosen as Mitt Romney‘s VP? It might court the far right wing, but we hope it’d alienate enough moderates to not be a possibility. [US News]

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