NFL-Approved Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Stacked With LGBT Foes

Fantasia-BarrinoWe’ve never heard of the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, but apparently the NFL-sanctioned event has been going strong for 14 years. This year, though, the show is packed with folks who have made public statements attacking the LGBT community.

Among the honored guests at the February 1 event are Fantasia Barrino, who  opined that gay marriage was proof “the world’s gone mad,” and Sherri Shepherd, who has spouted all kinds of ignorant, anti-LGBT nonsense on The View.

Also on the bill are Grammy-winning superstar Kirk Franklin, who advocates proselytizing to gays in hopes of converting them to heterosexuality; Lecrae Moore, who rapped about “choir members probably having gay sex” in his song “Church Clothes”; Pastor Donnie McClurkin, who has compared gay and lesbians to vampires; and Rev Marvin Winans, who advised his flock not to vote for Obama because the President supported same-sex marriage.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, another attendee, gave this wonderful explanation for why homosexuality is wrong:

You don’t try to put two plugs or two sockets together… You ain’t got no socket rubbing up against another socket talkin’ ’bout ‘come on light my fire!’ It ain’t gonna light!”

Paul S. Morton[Gays] want gay rights because you serving the man you want, or the woman you want more than the One who created you and that’s an abomination in God’s sight. People of God, you gotta understand either we’re gonna live by this word, or we’re gonna deny this word.”

We need to break the curse ’cause even some of these older women are attacking some of these younger women and placing them in this lifestyle. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, and I take authority over you that you get your filthy hands off of God’s property… You hurtin’ cause it ain’t natural.

We know a showcase like this takes months to put together, but we can’t help feeling like this is a counter-maneuver against the Baltimore Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo, who promised to promote marriage equality at the Super Bowl.

In any case, the only singing and praying we plan on doing Sunday is during Beyoncé’s half-time show.