Nike Yanking “Anti-Gay” Ads

Nike’s done good. The athletics company received queer jeers last week after unveiling the ad above, which many took as a slight to the gays – and, possibly, Larry Craig. Fearing a lavender backlash, Nike has now decided to yank the ads:

[Nike] has pulled some advertisements that appeared to send out anti-gay messages, according to the online edition of The Oregonian newspaper.

The Oregonian‘s report published on Saturday quoted a Nike spokesman, Bob Applegate, saying three separate poster and billboard ads would be taken down in Portland, Oregon “as expeditiously as possible.” The ads also appeared in New York City streets and subway tunnels, the paper said.

The Reuters story claims the Nike dust-up first appeared on Gawker, but, if we recall, it was Gay Recluse who first raised the red flag. Regardless of the original outrage, this was definitely a team effort. Go gays!