NJ School Apologizes For Editing Out Gays

Marion Bolden apparently couldn’t take all the anti-gay heat. The Superintendent of New Jersey’s East Side High School faced some bad press after blacking out a yearbook picture of gay senior Andre Jackson snogging his boyfriend. Bolden, who just this weekend referred to the picture as “illicit,” issued the following apology:

The decision was based, in part, on misinformation that Mr. Jackson was not one of our students and our review simply focused on the suggestive nature of the photograph. Superintendent Marion A. Bolden personally apologizes to Mr. Jackson and regrets any embarrassment and unwanted attention the matter has brought to him.

“Misinformation that Mr. Jackson was not one of our students”? So, not only did they use their powers of homophobic censorship, but they can’t check to see if someone’s enrolled? Obviously they really care about their student’s wellbeing!

The school also said they will print new copies of the yearbook, which means the censored version just became queer collector’s items…