No Date For Rosie, Donnie

Rosie O’Donnell‘s a lot of things – mother, entertainer, borderline insane – but she will not be one of Donald Trump‘s apprentices. Or anything else, from the sound of it.

Real estate mogul Trump attempted to put his and Rosie’s historic feud for the sake of his recently revived reality show’s ratings, but Rosie ain’t having it.

NBC axed Trump’s Apprentice back in May, but new entertainment head Ben Silverman – who has been positively itching to add O’Donnell to the line up – resurrected the former hit with hopes of pumping it full of celebrities looking to pump up their profile – and resumes.

O’Donnell, says Silverman, would be a perfect fit: “It would be great to have Rosie on The Apprentice. Donald personally told me to extend an invitation to her.”

Gracious as always, Rosie relayed her regrets through her assistant, “It will never happen in this lifetime or beyond”. We’re sure Trump’s crushed…