No, Disney Has Not “Declared War” On Christianity, Despite What This Conservative Group Claims

disney-princes-as-drag-queensOK, religious conservatives. We know, sometimes it seems like there’s nothing Disney can’t do. They build amazing theme parks, they make inventive movies, they can freeze a man’s head in a vault and resurrect him when modern technology advances. But calm down: the one thing they can’t do — yet — is declare war.

Nevertheless, a crazy Christian group in Texas has decided that Disney (along with Apple, the NCAA, and “others”) have “finally come out of the closet and declared public war on the religious freedom of clergy and religious schools.”

That’s because the companies opposed HB 757, a bill in Georgia that would grant legal exemptions to religious people who want to mistreat LGBTs. It’s a terrible awful no-good law, and now that Governor Deal has vetoed it, snake-handlers are throwing a tantrum. (And the bad news is that the bill could come back in a special session, so it’s not dead yet. Appropriately for this Easter season, Like a magic best friend, it could still rise from the dead!)

There are plenty of reasons to accuse these companies of colluding with homosexuals: Apple is run by an openly gay man; Disney practically invented queer witches and furries; and the NCAA are a bunch of sweaty men grappling for balls. Gaayyyyyyy!

But suggesting that the companies have “declared public war” on religion of any sort is pretty dumb. They’re simply expressing their corporate values: tolerance, diversity, inclusion. You know, all the stuff that “religious liberty” groups hate.

The “declared war” group calls itself “Texas Values,” which sounds like a 99 cent store, and they paint a grim picture of what might come next:

Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks. Will a Catholic priest be forced to remove his white collar when he takes a picture with Mickey Mouse? This is how extreme the attacks now are on religious freedom.

Hahaha, no. Those are not things that happen. Those are made-up scenarios, fabricated from out of nowhere to scare people. Oh well, at least now we know what “Texas values” really are: lying.