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No matter how hard he tries, Jim Jordan can’t seem to escape his college wrestling sex abuse scandal

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio should maybe probably consider taking a break from Twitter for a while since every time he tweets it just blows up in his face.

Yesterday was no exception.

On Monday, Jordan tweeted misleading remarks about the Democrats’ response to COVID-19 then clumsily tried to link it to people crossing the U.S. border.

Democrats: Won’t let your kids go to school. Won’t let restaurants open at 100% capacity. But don’t seem to care about #COVID19 when it comes to illegal migrants crossing the border. Why?” he wrote.

We could spend time factchecking Jordan’s tweet and explaining why it’s wildly inaccurate, but that’s really not the most interesting part of this story.

The interesting part is how people responded to it, mainly by once again reminding the homophobic lawmaker about that college wrestling gay sex abuse scandal that’s been haunting him for years.

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In 2018, Jordan was accused of ignoring allegations of sexual misconduct made against the team doctor when he worked as assistant coach for the Ohio State men’s wrestling team. Not only that, but he was also accused of aiding and abetting in the cover-up.

Jordan, a staunch Trump loyalist, has long denied the allegations and swears that he never witnessed any abuse take place in the locker room or participated in a cover-up, to which most everyone has said…

And now, the responses to Jordan’s tweet yesterday… 

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