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Nobody is angrier about Jen Psaki’s “homophobic” jab at Lindsey Graham than homophobic Republicans

Conservatives are absolutely up in arms over an old tweet written by White House press secretary in Jen Psaki last summer that they say is homophobic.

The tweet in question was posted to Psaki’s personal Twitter page back in August and makes a reference to Senator Lindsey Graham, calling him the nickname “Lady G.”

“Only in 2020 does #LadyG get to push a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories while questioning @SallyQYates (aka an American hero),” Psaki wrote.

The nickname comes from a since-deleted Medium article published last year in which a male sex worker claimed to have engaged in a sexual relationship with the senator, who he called “Lady G.”

Since then, the hashtag #LadyG has trended numerous times and has been employed by countless Twitter users. Psaki is literally one of millions of others who have use it.

Of course, nobody’s more upset with her about it than conservatives…

We can’t help but note the irony of people who regularly attack LGBTQ people and actively fight against LGBTQ equality being suddenly concerned about homophobia.

We would also be remiss not to note the irony of these people being angry at Psaki over one tweet when their leader was Twitter Bully #1 and said far more egregious things before eventually having his account permanently suspended.

In a statement to Fox News, Graham’s office called Psaki’s tweet disappointing and said it was very telling of the type of person she is.

“Very disappointed someone in her position would embrace this style politics,” Kevin Bishop, a spokesman for Graham’s office, said. “It says more about her than it does about Senator Graham.”

Graham, of course, voted yes on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, voted yes on banning gay adoptions, and co-sponsored amending Constitution to define traditional marriage. He also holds a 0% rating with both the HRC and ACLU for his stances on gay rights and civil rights.

But, sure, Psaki’s the homophobe.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.