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NOM Might Not Use Religion to Attack Gays, But Its Supporters Sure Do

The National Organization for Marriage, which always makes a point to insist it is not a religious organization and does not base in faith its views on marriage, might want to tell supporters that marriage is not, as this supporter says, about what God believes, but about politics.

Speaking of politics! NOM is, unsurprisingly, backing the Target Corporation’s favorite political candidate Tom Emmer with new ads bashing “angry gay protesters” and their candidate Mark Dayton.

[Clarknt67, Good As You]

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  • Greg from Denver

    This disappoints me greatly as I know there is nothing I can do to change those women’s minds and hearts. What scares me as much is because this time the people being interviewed were black, the comments are going to fill with racist language from gay people who don’t believe that this message could come just as easily from someone who is white. People who will forget that there are many black gay, lesbian and supportive people who are just as taken aback from this interview as I am.

  • Equal Rights Now

    this is what you get when you interview people with a limited education who are brain-washed by religion! Unfortunately these ignorant, intolerant Christians, represent a large portion of America.

  • Devonasa

    Whose ready for the comments that are OBVIOUSLY about to transpire….

  • Jack

    ‘You need to get on your knees and pray and ask god to open your mind!’

    Very true, angry-Bible-lady. You done that lately?

  • Chitown Kev

    Actually, Haggie Maggie rarely sent out a NOM message using religion but that had changed with Brian Brown; look at some of his fundraising letters

  • SoylentDiva

    NOM uses religion all the time, albeit indirectly, with their crap about how they “support marriage and the faith communities that sustain it”. They essentially state in their tagline that religion and marriage are intertwined. They only decline to preach about Gawd and the Bible because they know it will lose them points on the campaign trail.

  • SomeDude

    i agree with bill o’reilly on this one… why the hell arent gay rights groups protesting outside of black churches. These ignorant women are oblivious to fact, and can only see what their “pastors” tell them to see. GET OUT FROM UNDER THE ROCK AMERICA! dumba**es, you can’t destroy the family by trying to create more of them.

  • jason

    Stupid, ignorant black woman. As I’ve said before, blacks are a selfish minority group. They believe in equal rights for themselves but not for anybody else.

  • jason

    Gays won’t protest outside black churches because gays have become politically correct and timid. Gays are afraid of offending their fellow liberals, basically.

  • Ryan

    How did this conversation start?
    I’ve always wondered that.

    These videos do a lot of good by exposing the bad and ugly;
    take the videos from ‘NewLeftMedia’ or other amateur
    video-journalists and compare them to the bickering you see on
    CNN. Compare the behind-the-scenes videos of actual supporters from McCain rallys in 08 to what his stock representatives would say on Fox “news”.

    But that’s my question; if CNN shows up, people know.
    People may/will gravitate towards their van or crew
    to talk and pass along information, sometimes scripted.
    Others may flat out ignore/avoid them.

    But how do these people get started? Did they just meander
    around the crowd like fish until they snagged a loose loon?
    Do they trick them, or..? Can the people being questioned
    turn around later and sue them? I’m curious, cause I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

    Because when something of an individual action like this happens,
    I think it does a lot more good. It really digs up the dirt
    on these people, whether their teabaggers, religious zealots or
    old men who get wet when they think of George Washington.

  • Jason in Ft Myers

    Is it really bad that all I can do as I watch this video is hope that these women die off really soon, and with them their hostilities toward members of our LGBT community? They haven’t an educated clue in the world.

  • Chris

    That woman’s hair is an abomination against god.


  • Greg Theron

    It’s funny. Pro-creation? Did they fail Zoology? There are MANY woman species who can reproduce without a male. Stupid cunt. Vote me down but I think the black community has been blinded, don’t they remember the struggle they went through? The same these women are doing to the cameraman is what was happening to them not too long ago.

  • Chris

    @Greg Theron:

    While I agree with you, I do feel that these women are entitled to their own opinion about homosexuality. Just because they are black doesn’t mean they aren’t a majority (heterosexuals).

    However, I think its funny that she is pushing the religion her families slave owners pushed onto them and if they have a problem with homo’s then thats fine but they should keep their fat fucking mouths shut about it and leave us alone. Separation of church and state.

  • Sapphocrat

    @Chitown Kev: That’s good news for us — more evidence of religion-based animus.



    This cartoon pretty much says it all…………..



    Try again…… :p

  • horus

    NOM sure gets the freaks out of the house Ya’ll…good 4 R side

  • Clint

    The reason it stings so much to see a black person spouting this kind of bigotry is because they themselves are also minorities who to this day are discriminated against because of their skin color. It’s one minority picking on another. Speaking from my own experiences (this obviously doesn’t pertain to EVERY gay) but the lgbt movement has consistantly been supportive of every other minorities rights and when we don’t get it back, it’s painful. I know that there are many, many black people out there who are supportive of our cause, but it truely leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see stuff like this.

  • Hilarious

    @Clint: Know what leaves a bad taste in my mouth? People claiming black homophobes are more offensive than any other homophobes.

    You yourself are participating in a form of bigotry while being upset by bigotry.

    Essentially you’re being a hypocrite. Skin color is not the issue.

    There is no reason at all that you or anyone else should be upset over the color of a bigot. That makes you come off like a racist who’s crying about homophobia.

    Many black people who were supporting us have simply walked away because of comments like yours. You’re not helping.

  • mojojojo

    @jason: Jason, you are without a doubt the bravest and smartest person here. The rampant homophobia of the blacks has been statistically proven.People here should start heeding your wise words instead of voting your comments down to try and hide them!!!!

  • Jeffree

    Mojojojo = Jason within 89% odds. 5 other posts match Jason within 78% .

    When is Queerty going to ban him and his sock-puppets??’

  • jason

    I don’t resile from anything I’ve said. On an individual basis, blacks can be wonderful people. They are fully deserving of equal rights. However, nobody has a mortgage on equal rights. As a group, blacks are the most selfish minority in that they think equal rights applies to them only.

  • queerduck

    @Chris: i thought the same thing!

  • southapugh

    Those poor people are victims of childhood indoctrination. It’s mind rape of the same order as sexual rape, leaving the same kinds of scars, and crippling the emotional and intellectual health of the victim. The greatest tragedy is that it’s perpetrated in great proportion by the very parents who are supposed to protect each child’s innocence and vouchsafe them from harm. Since they’re taught to believe incredible fantasies as fact from such an early age, they’ll beleive anything presented with authority for the rest of their lives. That’s why the Religious Right is so easy to manipulate into believing things like Death Panels, Obama as a Nazi, or Healthcare Reform is socialism. Emporer Constantine used it first to control his legions in the third century, and Christianity is still working its MAGIC.

  • prohomo

    @jason: Stupid,arrogant, ignorant religious bitches : no point in conversing with those two freaks.As if survival of the species should be their concern in an overpopulated earth (with the wrong kind of people!)!Hey ladies, get your fat asses to the gym and and stop being pigs as the bible condemns gluttony!

  • kenny

    What an insane women and sadly such a hateful individual also.If only these people could understand one thing whether you are a Christian or not LOVE IS LOVE period.Disgraceful.My Christian friends would be appalled by this women they are the example of a TRUE Christian: loving compassionate warm non judgemental .

  • kiaba360

    “If you don’t live by God’s laws, then you don’t live by Man’s laws”, HUH??? these people with such emotion and little logic, it amazes me lol. They can’t even form practical thoughts. At the end of the day, it isn’t their place to judge what gay men and women have the right in doing, they bring in irrelevant issues, makes me sick

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