North Carolina’s New Anti-Gay Law is so Bad, Even Religious Groups Are Afraid of it

North Carolina hosted dueling rallies yesterday afternoon over a proposed law that would ban not just marriage, but even basic civil rights like hospital visitation.

Meanwhile, the group Faith in America has been organizing opposition to the law. They’ve rounded up gay-affirming faith leaders, which is very helpful in combating that stereotype of “gays versus God.”

But, geez, couldn’t they also have rounded up a PR professional? Take a look at their billboards and newspaper ads: they don’t look all that different from those crazy “the world will end on May 22” ads. And the messages are downright baffling.

One billboard asks, “Do N.C. lawmakers EMBRACE religion-based BIGOTRY?” Uh, gee, maybe. We dunno. What are you even talking about? If we were driving by and didn’t know anything about this issue, we’d assume that they are referring to bigotry against a religious group. And also, that their caps-lock key is broken.

“Religion-Based BIGOTRY is SHAMEFUL/yesterday – today – tomorrow,” says another. To which the average North Carolinian might nod their head in agreement, “yes, quite, very shameful,” without it even occurring to them that it has anything to do with homosexuals.

Why pussyfoot around? Why not post up a big picture of a priest with the words “Banning marriage is shameful” or “Tell Raleigh to reject anti-gay laws”?