Bercovici Not Down With "Toe-Tapper" Nickname

‘NY Post’ Called Out For Anti-Gay Ways

We hadn’t noticed, but in today’s Thomas Roberts item, the NY Post refers to him as a “toe-tapper”. This, of course, would be a not-so-vague reference to lewd Larry Craig and his toilet cruising.

The paper’s conflation of cruising and homosexuality perpetuates anti-gay stereotypes and straight man Jeff Bercovici ain’t gonna take it:

It’s far from the first time the Post has gone after gays: Page Six routinely refers to them as “swishy,” and editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas includes a picture of a sheep in just about every cartoon about a gay subject — a not-so-veiled allusion to the canard linking homosexuality and bestiality. ([GLAAD] has complained about Delonas’s spite, to little effect.)

Besides being vicious and utterly out of sync with the city it serves, the Post‘s little toe-tapping jab is also nonsensical: If the TV personality in question is seeking out sexual partners online, doesn’t that suggest he doesn’t need to resort to cruising bathrooms?

Good looking out, Mr. B – and, yes, the jab is nonsensical.

Bercovici’s awaiting word a response from GLAAD. We’ll keep you post-ed.