NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn: NJ Gov. Is “Playing A Game” With Marriage Bill

christine-quinnAt Saturday night’s HRC gala in New York, we chatted up some of the personalities in attendance, including New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. The out politico can always be counted on for an opinion on the issues du jour.

Our conversation topics included President Obama’s record on the gay agenda (“it’s more progress and support than we’ve ever seen in the White House”) and what Quinn thinks of Chris Christie‘s lack of support for marriage equality.

“I don’t really understand how Governor Christie thinks he can lead the great state of New Jersey without being fully supportive of all of the people who live in it,” Quinn told us. “There is a large LGBT community in New Jersey, and I know that personally. Why does Governor Christie want to leave them behind and leave them out of full equality in the state?”

On Christie’s attempt to put the issue to a public referendum, she took a hard line, saying: “I think that the legislature should vote. And I think that Governor Christie should sign the bill—if he’s not willing to sign the bill, then he should veto it. But he shouldn’t play a political game, which is in essence what he’s trying to do. Which I think everybody has seen as too cute by half.”

Ms. Quinn, we love you but “cute” and “Chris Christie” are not two terms you should say in the same breath.