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Oakleigh Marshall Can’t Be Homecoming King, Because He Was Born a Woman

Oakleigh Reed was born Oakleigh Marie, but now the FTM transgender student goes by Oakleigh Marshall, or sometimes just Oak. He was voted homecoming king by his fellow students at Mona Shores High School in Muskegon, in Western Michigan. Until administrators robbed him of the title.

Which must’ve been a bizarre scenario for Oak, given teachers have grown accustomed to using male pronouns when referring to him, and he was able to wear a tux for his band uniform, and he’s donning the male cap and gown at graduation. So when his one-day Facebook campaigning for homecoming king yielded a win, he was surprised when the principal called him into her office and told Oak that because he’s registered at the school as a woman, he can’t keep the homecoming king prize.

So while it’s nice so many students had his back and voted for him, Oak says “sometimes it’s nice to have something tangible.”

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