Obama Camp To Gays: “Help Us!”

Barack Obama and John McCain are neck-and-neck in daily tracking polls, which means the campaigns are looking to secure every last vote.

We’re not sure how – of if – McCain’s dealing with the gays, but Obama’s campaign sure as shit wants to lavender set to cast their ballot for Barack.

The Democrat’s out campaign manager Steve Hildebrand this week asked the LGBT caucus to use their power wisely. Because, in some ways, he has not.

I believe that our campaign has not done the effective job it needs to do to persuade and convince LGBT voters that Barack Obama is someone who will lead for them, who will fight for them, fight for us. That’s a failure on behalf of our campaign in my opinion, and I’ve played a role in it.

What we need is for all of you to be our voices in our communities and to work tirelessly to give every single day, as much time as you can give, to know Barack’s record and to know John McCain’s failed record and to go out and talk to people who care about the future of LGBT people in this country.

Well, you heard the man…