Obama Reaches Out to Gay Blogosphere

whitehouseThis is something we keep forgetting to mention, but a press release sent by the White House today about Obama’s decision to lift the ban on stem cell research reminded us. The White House has been very active in reaching out to Queerty since the inauguration and has pointed out stories and announcements that they believe will interest LGBT Americans. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s another sign of how this administration is different from all that proceeded it, both in outreach and message discipline. It’s not surprising that the Obama administration understands that like all media, gay media has shifted to an online focus, but we’re still sort of continually shocked to have a President so in touch with reality.

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  • Sebbe

    That is change I can believe in.

  • Chitown Kev

    He’s doing more than that.

    The Chicago papers have reported that a White House aide is making phone calls and contacts to secure support for the civil unions bill going through the Illinois General Assembly. Yes, it is quieter than I would like it to be and it is not even close to what I think of as the “fierce advocate on gay issues” that Obama said he would be. But it’s a lot better than the Bush years.

    Having watched Obama for years, he does have a tendency to move in a stealth-like manner that can be really nerve-wracking. But, by and large, it is effective.

  • Tallskin

    /////but we’re still sort of continually shocked to have a President so in touch with reality.

    Not only that, but from this side of the pond we’re all still staggered that you now have a president who can actually string a fucking sentence together!

    I just can’t just get used to it!!!

  • Sebbe

    @Tallskin – Just as many of us on the US side of the pond are just as amazed and in disbelief every time we here him speak.


  • Brian Miller

    $600+ million in LGBT contributions to the Democrats, along with over 100 million votes in that time, and all we get are some largely irrelevant press releases? Some “return on investment.”

  • bobito

    @Brian Miller: and yet, it’s the best we’ve received from any Presidential administration so far… We’ve got a damn long way to go, but we might actually be closer to having a chance of getting there.

  • KDF

    Better than Bush, for sure. Slicker than Clinton, difficult though it may be to believe.

    Still, if the headline was “President/WH seeks intervenor status if CA case to overturn Prop 8”, then it would be change to believe in.

    The rest is easy words, that cost nothing like the heat the Clinton took when he tried to take on the military.

    For now, I remain sceptical of “Donny McClurkin” Obama.

    KDF, MI

  • Landon Bryce

    And, Japhy, I think we see the results of this in the willingness of the gay press and major blogs to toe the Obama line. Glad you’re enjoying your access. The rest of us aren’t that thrilled that you’re being completely uncritical in order to get it. How does it feel to be the HRC?

  • Japhy Grant

    @Landon Bryce: I like how your comment implies that the White House is following what we write n Queerty.

  • Landon Bryce

    Of course you do. Because being read by someone in the White House would mean a lot more to you than accurately covering what is happening there. That was my point. Thanks for proving it yet again.

  • Tallskin

    Hey QUEERTY, if you’re being read in the white house then HOW ABOUT MORE INTERNATIONAL NEWS??? I don’t mean about civilised and safe old Yerp, I mean about the ghastly homophobic hell holes around the world.


    Uganda, Burundi.Nigeria – in fact anywhere nasty and anti gay in Africa.


    the muslim world in its entire nastiness.

    etc etc

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