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Obama’s Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett’s Senior Advice: Stop Bothering Us About DADT

Valarie Jarrett, the senior adviser to President Obama (and “the most powerful person in the White House apart from the President”), was in Pennsylvania today for Netroots Nation, the annual conference for progressives put together by the DailyKos folks. She was asked about the president’s position on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act. She responded. With boilerplate, stock answers. As expected. The gist: Beg your congressman to support the repeal of these policies, and stop bothering us.

Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, the Iraq veteran and fiscal conservative from Pennsylvania who’s spearheading Congress’ DADT repeal effort, was also on hand at the conference. You’ll recall Murphy has previously ducked the question as to whether the White House is really helping lobby legislators on the repeal.

(video via Good As You)

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