Bad sports

Olympic gold medalist Tom Shields wonders if his new shoes make him look “gay”

So here’s a thing that happened on Instagram over the weekend…

Tom Shields, the 2016 Olympic gold medalist, posted a picture of his new toe shoes to his Instagram story along with the caption: “Gay or next gen?”

Evidently, the 26-year-old still thinks using “gay” in a negative way is as hilarious as it was back in the fourth grade.

Since the post was shared as part of his story, it was only up for 24 hours before being automatically deleted. Luckily, a Queerty tipster managed to grab a screenshot before it disappeared forever.

Shields currently holds the short-course American records in the 50-meter, 100-meter, and 200-meter butterfly events, as well as the 100-yard butterfly.

He got his degree in religious studies from UC Berkeley.

Cue the canned apology written by his publicist in 3… 2… 1…

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