PHOTOS: Olympic Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Gets Naked For GT Magazine


Out Olympic athlete Blake Skjellerup covers the new of GT magazine, in which he talks about being bullied for speed skating, the difficulties of competing without sufficient sponsors and being out in Russia.

On Bullies:

In the new issue, Skjellerup explains that he was “bullied from an early age because of my sport.” Yet, it made him stronger.

“But none of it made me feel like quitting. Quite the opposite, it gave me huge inspiration to continue.”

On Sponsors:

Unfortunately, the 2014 Olympic Games may be the skater’s last. He tells the GT that he relies “quite heavily on my family to support” his competition but he also has a donation link on his website to raise funds. However, it’s not nearly enough “so at times it’s been quite difficult and I have to go without a lot of things.”

“I’m a lone athlete so I have to do everything myself. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my life to the sport, but I can’t see myself doing it for another four years after the next Winter Olympics.”

On Being Out In Russia:

The Sochi games have become the subject of controversy due to Russia’s anti-gay bill and fears for the safety of gay athletes but Skjellerup does not appear to be worried.

“I don’t want to think because there are stories on the internet about me being gay is going to put me under any jeopardy, I hope I can bring some positive change in Russia to overcome their LGBT discrimination.”

The New Zealand athlete came out in 2010 to DNA magazine following the Vancouver Olympic Games. Something he chose to do after so he could focus his attention on competing. He finished sixteenth and is set to compete again at 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Russia. If these games are, in fact, his last, he should know that he would have a successful career in modeling.


[Photos: James Demitri/GT Magazine]

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  • Tackle

    To bad that he’s short on money for his training. I wonder when he came out to DNA magazine, did he also do a body photo shoot with them?Nothing wrong with the naked body, snd he has a beautiful one. But the thing is, if you’re trying to attract corporate sponsors, for an Olympic sport, they often times want a clean-cut image. Coming out as gay might have cut into that a bit (not saying he should not have come out) Just that some companies / sponsors want a certain image. But not sure if the nude pics (though he’s not really nude) or a pic like the second one witn hand in his pants will help attract the sponsors he need. But I wish him all the best.

  • Yiannis

    Good luck with your life, Blake! You deserve it.

  • Billysees

    @Tackle: 1

    I think you’ve said the most important stuff.

    We all need money to live on and for our future security and well being.

    I wonder whether he went to far too fast.

  • miagoodguy

    Naked pics by celebrities/athletes = I need media attention because I am a publicity whore

  • litper

    So many jealous queens here! So when Tom Daley wears skimpy speedos or David Becham shows off his ass it’s fine because they’re “straight, but an out gay man shows his beautiful body and you all start bitching! Get a life! I hope that man does the right thing at the Olympics and shows his support of opressed and terrorised gays in Russia!

  • miagoodguy

    Same things goes for straight celebrities/atheletes.

  • ralpo

    He’s also a bit of an ass hat. Stuck up and self absorbed. And yes, that is an observation made from being in the same city and seeing how he deals with people.

  • balehead

    The constant comments on here from the “Controlls” show that gays are generally unhappy when one of their own is able to get ahead based on achievements and accomplishments. Lusting after straight athletes while trashing your own is a sign of deep seated insecurities and general unhappiness….and a feeble attempt to prove you more masculine then you could ever be….

  • ralpo


    He has done a good job as a Kiwi Olympian and big ups to him for being in control of his media image.

    However, he is also an arrogant self-absorbed ass hat. I live in the same town as he does, we know people in common, and someone I know spent 6 months in very close proximity to him and had direct access to talk to him for extended periods about all aspects of his life and coming out. Ass hat.

  • Larkin

    @balehead: Or maybe it’s the simple fact he’s been handed everything and never worked a day in his life for a paycheck.

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