Only The Homos Understand Women Like Nicki Minaj

Recently I’ve switched it up and just tried to show people a whole different bunch of sides to me. I would be lying if I said I don’t like to look sexy. But then there are some days when I don’t want to look or feel sexy. So it just plays into how women are so multifaceted. Men don’t understand that because they wake up and they’re the same person unless you’re a KenBarb and you can understand the girls. All the leading women in pop and R&B are usually beautiful women wearing tiny outfits so if someone says, ‘I don’t feel the pressure’, it’s probably not true. But it’s weird because I feel most comfortable when I’m covered up. I think that’s the biggest misconception – that in order for me to be sexy I have to make sure my boobs are out.

—Rapper Nicki Minaj, who calls The Gays “KenBarbs,” on why gay men just get her [via]

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  • greg

    nicki is awesome, but too bad her album was utterly meh

  • Francis

    I’m thinking metrosexuals might understand her as well but yeah, chances are if you ask a random gay man and a random straight man the gay man would understand more.

  • Francis

    *would probably understand more.

  • Xtincta

    I don’t understand why she allowed Eminem to use the f word on Romans Revenge…… So you know what I don’t understand women like her.

  • REBELComx

    Is she wearing a costume from the upcoming Dark Crystal sequel? seriously, anytime I see her with her mouth closed, the bottom half of her face sticks out enough that she could easily pass as a Gelfling.

  • Meh

    I don’t understand her, I don’t want to understand her, I think she’s fucking stupid and pathetic, and a swagger jock. Bitch needs to stop.

  • Ernest

    I love Nicki she’s different from all these hood rats we’re used to seeing and hearing! She is much more universal she doesn’t try to do what raunchy lil Kim did or what ghetto foxy brown did or Eve or Lauryn Hill. She comes across as a hip hop Lady Gaga and I’m living it!!!! She’s so animated it’s sexy! Her album easily shits on what lil Kim or any of those other rap bitches put out!

  • Patrick

    I loved her before Roman’s Revenge, now I just wonder why someone who has said she’s a bisexual and could finally be a champion against heteronormativity in hip-hop would let such a song be part of her album. I want to be a fan, but I’m suspicious.

  • Jean

    I think it’s very possible

  • Tyler T.

    @Xstincta @Patrick I don’t think you’re understanding the song in its context. Both Nicki and Eminem are performing in their alter-ego form, saying intentionally cruel and evil things to make a comment on the violence in all of us. It’s not a out right attack on gays, despite the use of the f-word…besides Eminem has proved again and again that his views on gays are a lot more layered and mature than we’d like to think.

  • N

    Oh, hey, look, another Lady Gaga copy!

  • bb

    I love her, seems to be polarizing though, if you go on youtube a lot of people hate her guts. She’s fun though and is the highlight of any track she’s featured on. Her album is pretty meh though besides a couple of songs.

  • jacknasty82

    honestly I don’t think she is close to worth all the hype. I don’t dislike her or anything, but she currently has a guest verse on several different songs and they all sound the same to me. She’s bacially the female pitbull

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