Oops! John Barrowman ‘Accidentally’ Reveals What His Husband Is Packing (Again)


Oh, brother. Here we go again.

Arrow star John Barrowman has once again “accidentally” shared a nudie shot of his husband, Scott Gills.

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You may remember last month when John was shooting a Facebook livestream in a hot tub and Scott crashed the scene by walking into the shot fully naked.

Well, the guys are currently in Melbourne for Oz Comic-Con. John was gearing up to make an appearance at the convention dressed as his character Malcolm Merlyn when he decided to post a picture of himself in his hotel room on Shapchap.

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Unbeknownst to John, his husband was in the shot, relaxing in full view in the nude on the bed in the background.



Head here for the (very) mildly NSFW shot.