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Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter goes viral with Pride Month message

Lynda Carter tweeted about gay bears and Fat Bear Week
Lynda Carter (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actress and singer Lynda Carter has seen a tweet go viral. Posted yesterday, on the first day of Pride Month, she references the impact the character had on many young LGBTQ people.

Carter played Wonder Woman in the late-1970s TV show.

“I didn’t write Wonder Woman, but if you want to argue that she is somehow not a queer or trans icon, then you’re not paying attention,” she said.

“Every time someone comes up to me and says that WW helped them while they were closeted, it reminds me how special the role is.”

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Carter has been a staunch LGBTQ ally for years. Besides posting pro-LGBTQ messages online, she has acted as Grand Marshall for Phoenix Pride Parade, New York Pride, and the Capital Pride Parade in Washington, D.C. In 2010, she also served as Grand Marshall for the Washington, D.C. AIDS Walk.

Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter as Grand Marshall at Capitol Pride in Washington, DC in 2013 (Photo: Tim Evanson, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Her tweet has been liked over 130,000 times. Many commentators shared their own fond memories of Wonder Woman.

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Others disputed the idea of Wonder Woman possibly being a queer icon, or complained about why so many of their childhood idols were now being seen through an LGBTQ lens.

However, this prompted plenty of opposing views.

And others pointed out that how people connect with any fictional character will always be personal to them.

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