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deep end

We know sometimes you crave more substance than the wham-bam-thank-you-man writings of blogs. There are times when you want a little more substance and a little more depth. We have just the men for you.

Queerty fan and writer Michael Svoboda’s wickedly funny Frontiers column, The Deep End, is a continuing story of the author’s “headfirst dive into Los Angeles’ dating pool.” We immediately thought it would contain horror stories of fake, plastic people and celebrity encounters. But it doesn’t. His column is Sex and the City for fags, and the latest installment includes a reference to the anal insertion of G.I. Joe dolls. You can’t get better than that.

Michael is not the only writer we love around here. We also go gaga for Single Chicken Theory. Writer Jon Hartmere’s weekly tales of life in Hollywood are very addictive as well. Subscribe to his weekly email blast and you’ll have the latest column delivered safely into your inbox. We first heard of Jon when we read a tale of his headfirst dive into the reality TV star dating pool in LA. We’ve been big fans ever since.

Illustration by ©Ruben Esparza