Our Wedding Guide: Queers Invade the Chapel, Part III


The New York State Assembly passed an historic same-sex marriage amendment last month (right before Pride weekend, no less!), paving the way for gays and lesbians to legally wed as early as this Sunday, July 24. Whether you’re going to race down to City Hall or sashay through Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (kidding!), we’ve got you covered with a multi-part guide to LGBT weddings in the Big Apple. Now you just have to pop the question!

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The Rehearsal Dinner and Reception

Though often treated as an afterthought, the rehearsal dinner can be the most stressful part of a wedding, since it’s often the first time some members of the family are meeting your fiance. And the wedding reception is not picnic either—in both cases there’s the drama of who was and wasn’t invited and, if your family is anything like ours, someone is gonna throw a shitfit about not having their vegan, gluten-free lasagna served just right. Plus, If you life in a city like New York, there’s also always the chance that your intended had sex with the cute server taking your drink order.

We can’t promise to make your meal completely anxiety-free, but we’ve selected some great restaurant options for rehearsal dinners or post-ceremony receptions that will distract the wedding party long enough for you to make a toast, enjoy your meal and stare lovingly into your partner’s eyes. And, hey, you don’t have to be getting married to enjoy a good meal!


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