Darryl Stephens Takes The Plunge

‘Out’ 100 Rears Its Gloriously Gay Head

It’s never too early to get excited about the Out 100, gay glossy Out‘s annual celebration of the year’s great, gay people, places and things. Well, actually just people.

The mag’s tight-lipped about the honorees, but their celebratory blog posted this picture of 2007’s “Rabble-rousers”. We don’t know how they did it, but the Out staffers and photographer François Rousseau managed to get Joe Solmonese and Lane Hudson in the same frame. The men, of course, worked together at Human Rights Campaign until Hudson outed Mark Foley and subsequently left the powerful non-profit. Also pictured: gay soldier Jason Knight and ACLU’s leader Anthony Romero.

In other Out 100 news, we hear that honoree Darryl Stephens will finally acknowledged his homo inclinations. This will be the first time the Noah’s Arc actor publicly “comes out”.

As if we didn’t know…

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  • WorkOutGuy

    Lane got fired for using his work computer for personal business.

  • SexintheCity

    None of these guys look like me or my community. OUT has turned away from its core reader and is playing into the mainstream world. It is a shame that Queerty has jumped on the bandwagon. Shame o you!

  • HipBoy

    I hear you – what a bore. Who cares. Out is OUT!

  • DTL

    wow – aren’t we quick to judge. these are 4 people out of 100. isn’t that what we accuse the world of doing to the gay community? sounds like internalized homophobia to me.

    why don’t we see the full list and then have our discussion, eh?

  • jknight

    eh hem…..thats sailor. :)

  • Bloggernista

    The four men featured in the photo are all doing incredible work in different ways.

    Lane and Joe both had a strong impact on the 2006 elections with their work.

    Jason is through his military service and his advocacy is helping to repeal the ridiculous DADT policy.

    Anthony and the ACLU are at the forefront of protecting our civil liberties which the Bush administration is shredding with gleeful abandon.

    Its easy to sit and bitch at a keyboard, but these men are taking the kind of action that is making a real difference.

  • Toby

    hey Sexinthecity, glad you’re not in my circle – I’d be happy to have any of these four represent me. What have you done lately, out of interest?

  • Lane Hudson

    WorkOutGuy: Don’t believe everything you read.


  • Leland Frances

    OUT remains slick toilet paper. Only once a year, with this issue, do they come close to offering anything more than bread and circuses, er beefcake and circuit parties for white guppies. What’s that expression? Oh, yeah: “You’re either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.”

  • Richie

    Hey Leland, is this slick toilet paper (from the current issue):


    Just curious – sounds like you haven’t read the magazine for a while

  • Jack Jett


    Perhaps you could give us some insight on what went down at the HRC as to the reason you left.

    If Workoutguy is wrong, then what is right? I would think that you would be very open about this as you have with other issues you discuss.

    Also, can you let us know how much money Joe Solomese makes per year and how much the HRC brings in every year? I have tried for the last year to find this information and someone is keeping it close to the vest.

    Queerty, any information on this?

    Jack Jett

  • Leland Frances

    Thanks, Richie, I hope more of the same is coming.

    Jack, here are links to tax forms filed for the fiscal year ending first quarter 2005 by both arms of HRC. I’ve only had time to peruse them a little but the shorthand is: they shell out over $6 MILLION a year in salaries ALONE out of combined income that year of about $30 mil. Joe’s predecessor made roughly $250,000 plus $32K in benefits from the two arms. No reason to believe he’s making less. [I, for one, STILL want to know what she/they did to result in a parting of the ways barely a year after she was hired. Did she not pay proper homage to the REAL power at HRC, Hilary Rosen, perhaps? Refuse to get a yellow equal sign tattoo on her ass? In any case, they had to give her another $160,000 in severance pay.]



  • Jack Jett


    Thanks so much for sharing. Something has always smelled fishy is this arrangement and every one seem afraid of Solomese and the HRC. While he may speak for a few of the GLBTQ community on in NYC, DC and LA, I know for a fact that he does not speak for those between the coasts.

    If OUT or the Advocate had some balls and didn’t fear a backlash fromt the HRC, they could easily dig into this.

    jack jett

  • parka

    i know some of the musical people they shot and its’ VERY varied. I think it’s going to be a good issue

  • NG

    Don’t believe everything you read.

    Now what the hell does that mean?

  • Lane Hudson

    Jack and NG:

    I’m sorry for the delay in responding and for the cryptic sound to the above comment. I’ve said several times that I did not use HRC equipment to blog at the Stop Sex Predators site. However, I did use it to check personal email, which is a widely accepted practice at HRC. If they fired everyone for personal use of organizational resources (computers, email, Blackberries, telephones, etc), then 1640 Rhode Island Avenue would be pretty empty.


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