Medals of Honor

10 Out Olympians Snatched Medals At The Games

Though the Olympics might have been short on openly gay athletes, those who were out still managed an impressive showing, with 10 out of the 23 out Olympians earning medals.

SB Nation rounded up the medaled ‘mos:

Seimone Augustus, from the U.S. women’s basketball team (GOLD)
Carl Hester, from UK’s equestrian dressage team (GOLD)
Marilyn Agliotti, Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen from the Netherlands’ field hockey team (GOLD)
Megan Rapinoe, from the US soccer team (GOLD)
Judith Ardnt, German cyclist (SILVER)
Edward Gal, from the Netherlands’ equestrian dressage team (BRONZE)
Lisa Raymond, US mixed doubles tennis (BRONZE)

Sadly not among the medal-winners was Matthew Mitcham, who left many a horndog panting in disappointment over their dashed dreams of a disrobed dive.