OUT ON DVD: Coming Of Age In Pariah,Meet The Loud Family In Cinema Verite, And More!

This week in home-video we have Cinema Verite, about America’s first reality-show family, the Louds (including outspoken gay son, Lance Loud). In the acclaimed Pariah, a young black lesbian comes of age while struggling to still connect with her parents. And the original British-television adaptation of  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy comes to Blu-ray.

FIRST: They call the wind Pariah

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  • Nick

    Lance died in 2001.

  • Chuck

    Lance Loud did not die in the ’80s. He died in 2001.

  • MikeE

    why use a French term if you aren’t going to spell it properly?

    the film should be called Cinéma Vérité.

    yes, the accents have to be there, else you’d have to pronounce it “cinema verit”.

    and the term, even if adopted by Hollywood and its lackies, is STILL a French term.

  • John

    James Gandolfini played the filmmaker. The father’s name is Bill and he was played by Tim Robbins.

  • DenverBarbie

    Nobody ought to mistake Pariah for just another coming-of-age and coming out story, the film was beautifully executed in all facets and is easily one of the best lesbian films ever made (I know we’re going from zero- but this one is great, trust). Pariah was shot both intimately and polished, acted authentically, and written lyrically.

    I have yet to see Cinéma Vérité, but it’s on my list (and hopefully queue, if Netflix has it). An American Family truly had a grasp of the perfect reality television formula before reality tv was “a thing.” In fact, I think PBS had it pat down better than contemporary shows- MTV forgot to add “thought provoking.” I’m sure the HBO flick is a decent one. With Diane Lane, you can’t go wrong! Thomas Dekker is also a little burgeoning star to watch out for. Not only is he lovely, he’s also been refreshingly honest with the press about his bi-curiosity.
    And of course for us Willam Belli fans, she’s got a quick bit in the film.

  • Jon

    Why have Thomas Dekker on the thumbnail and then when I click on the article he’s nowhere to be found?

  • Larkin

    Thomas Dekker is hot! Not only is he hot, he’s talented! I’d suggest to all to check out his IMDB page and watch the movies he’s been in. He does a lot of seemingly indie stuff, but always puts on a great performance… and when I say ‘indie’, I mean good movies, not recycled, boring, predictable Hollywood Crap™ aimed at the lowest denominator.

  • HarlemGuy

    Pariah is excellent, excellent, excellent. You would think that such a strong film would’ve gotten more attention, but I suppose because these black characters weren’t pathological or tragic and didn’t need to be saved by white people or serve them, nobody cared.

    Sad too, because Kim Wayans and Adepuro Odeye gave two of the most magnificent female performances of the year.

    Seeing great movies like this and Shame overlooked finally made me realize once and for all what a complete crock of shit the Oscars truly are.

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