Protesters Pretend Not To Care, Padres Flat Out Don't

Padres Pride Night Spurs Protest

Some Christ-loving baseball fans are fuming over “Pride Night” at Petco Park, where the Padres play. The Padres invited homos and their families to come on out and enjoy a ballgame on July 8th. In addition to wowing them with their big sticks and high-flying balls, the San Diego-based team promised t-shirts to children under 14.

Baseball? Children? Gay? Obviously that calls for a protest!

Calling faggotry “sinful,” an El Cajon-based Set Free Ministries plans to protest Pride night by passing out pamphlets decrying gay sin and by having its 42-strong concession stand army walk out. In doing so, the self-funded non-profit stands to lose $1,600. Money’s not the issue, says Set Free Ministries development director, JD Loveland,

We’re concerned about Christian parents and other parents who do not want to have to answer at a ballgame why ‘Adam and Steve’ are doing what they are doing.

Gee, for a homo-hater, Loveland sure does know the gay flicks – gay filmmaker Craig Chest released Adam and Steve back in 2005.

The Padres, meanwhile, insist they’re not condoning cock sucking. They’re just looking to make a buck. Padres PR flack George Stieren tells Sign on San Diego,

It’s simply a group sale. A lot of people are taking and running with it under the misconception that we’re taking a political stand and endorsing a lifestyle or a set of values. We’re in the business of selling tickets. We’re an inclusive organization because we have to be. We have 81 home games.

Nice to know you’ve got our back, Padre(s).

Loveland, meanwhile, claims he and his brethren aren’t anti-gay. They just don’t approve:

We have absolutely no hard feelings with the gays and lesbians, the Padres or anybody. It’s just that it happened and it shouldn’t have happened.

Sorry, it’s been ages since we studied double speak – can someone translate?

What? Oh, Loveland’s trying not to look like a homophobic prick, when in fact he thinks we’re all going to burn in hell for all eternity? Right, thanks!