Passenger Claims He Was Kicked Off Aeromexico Flight For Being Gay

Rodrigo Viadas says he was forced to leave Aeromexico flight 473 from Miami to Mexico City moments before it took off Sunday night because he was gay, tweeting, “They took me off [the plane] like a criminal.”

Viadas says he was booted after a passenger spoke to the captain, though it’s not clear what exactly the complaint was: “The captain never spoke to me,” he tweeted. “They just said ‘a passenger complained.'”

According to Univision News, whose understanding of Spanish is much better than ours, “Viadas wrote that he had to book a hotel in Miami after he was forced off the flight, because the next flight to Mexico City left on Monday morning.” He did thank the airline yesterday for their prompt response and promise to investigate the situation.

We’ve contacted Viadas for more details and will follow up soon.

Photos via Johnnysast, Aeromexico